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To reach the end of your story...

... learn from your beginning.


The Alien Wars 6 is the final chapter of the six installments of The Alien Wars. A story begun in The Alien Wars 4 with Erevis the Progenitor and The Duality Wars as side stories, this is the final main installment of the RPG. Begun in 1997, the RPG will end probably around whenever I reach Act 4.

Sessions are RPed every Sunday and every other Monday from 7:30 - 9:30 PM.

RPers do not need to attend both sessions. I will try to wrap up the plot of a session in the very same session unless the session states it is a multi-part session because of that.

Every other Monday will be used for a secondary RPG that will tie into Da Capo. It is called The Alien Wars 6: Fumoffu.



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