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To reach the end of your story...

... learn from your beginning.


The Alien Wars 6 is the final chapter of the six installments of The Alien Wars. A story begun in The Alien Wars 4 with Erevis the Progenitor and The Duality Wars as side stories, this is the final main installment of the RPG. Begun in 1997, the planned end point is November 2019 or sooner. Any other stories in this universe will only be side stories from this point onward.


Sessions are RPed Sun and Mon from 7:30 - 9:30 PM except for special sessions and Thurs are for Side-Sessions for RPers that cannot attend either one or both those sessions.

From the RPers, I want 4 things to help the direction of Da Capo to help flesh out your characters. If you do not provide them, it will be on you if you get left behind as things go forward. While your ideas might not be used right away, they will be kept in mind as I go forward - think of it like the hidden history in the previous installments.

I want:
1) A direction you'd like to see for your character to see happen story wise.
2) A direction you might like to see happen in the RPG.
3) Any interesting twists you might like to see occur
4) Any input storywise for your character/the plot

I'd like this before Session 335. Two RPers have done it so far before it was needed to add this: Ortho and Xanatos.


TAW is © 1997-2018 Kevin T. Bell

TAW6 Special Thanks: Sara
In Memory of Ryan Cross.