Parts I and II

The Alien Wars 6: Fall of Eden

Part III: Corruption

Arc One: Everything is Wrong

Chapter 1: A Spark of Hope

Chapter 2: The Ruler Convention

Arc Two: Crystal Future

Chapter 1: The Past is Writ

Chapter 2: Return to Crystal Kumen

Chapter 3: Future Imperfect

Part IV: Duality

Final Arc: Unite or Fight

Chapter 1: Hidden Mysteries

Chapter 2: Decisions

Chapter 3: The End

The Alien Wars 6: Da Capo

Fall of Eden Prelude:

Timeline: Date: 10-637.8.9

Session 95: Pandora (1)

Location: Underground Base
Location: Underground Base As the teams recover and finish cleaning up from the Venerator AI problem, a sense of calm settles around the base. Taiga and Moira study the remains of the AI, Si and Ori stand ready to unleash infernos in case it’s needed, Chad studies a data disc left for him and Kaori languishes without Hess as Ren tries to comfort her. Dias has payed another surprise visit, claiming it was to retrieve his fanny-pack that he had forgotten, but without Marcus there he heads out. As this uneasy quiet continues, Kaori is left with a feeling that she's being watched...

Location: Crystal Pathways Yuki, Cookie, Vyvy and Erica have come looking for the Centerpoint Avatar in hopes of being able to talk with their friends on the other side of reality about the centerpoint shards and the powers that can be gained. When they arrive they find that Avatar has been busily obsessing about Kaori and the 'hussy' Hess; and the revelation that Kaori has begun using her Reality Powers and the core where they're at has been powering up. They finally get Avatar to open a window for them to communicate through, calling out to their friends.

Location: Underground Base As Yuki's disembodied voice calls out in the cafeteria, and startles several people who are just trying to eat in peace, Cheryl is summoned so she can hear what has been figured out. As the discussion turns to the possible uses for the crystals the mansion is rocked by tremors and the screen that had been showing the girls transforms into a window dumping them to the ground in the Cafeteria. As people scramble to check security, Dias is found laying on the ground outside the mansion with a gaping hole in his chest. After Cheryl, Chad, Damian, Angela and others arrive to find Fate trying to close the wound; she relates that this is part of Destiny's plan and that Pandora's Box was ripped from Dias in order to seal away all of the Supernatural Beings who pose a threat to him.

Quickly realizing the importance and threat of the box being in Destiny's hands, a team is assembled and with Dias acting as a divining rod they head to one of the older European States where they land at an old Graveyard. Sitting atop a gravestone is a shard of Pandora's Box and as the group slowly approaches they discover that restless spirits have been stirred by the Shards presence. Dias and Rea getting possessed by a pair of spirits and end up kissing before the rest of the spirits coalesce into a large nightmare. Foxfire, salt-shot and Holy blades are used by several to clear up the mess before the shard is retrieved and the team heads out to find another piece of the box.

Dias leads them to a rather small castle in what was once called Transylvania; here they find a goth gamer vampire (wow...the irony) who is bummed about the prospect of having to fight them to protect the Shard that Destiny left with her. With several of the team about to jump her, and flashing 'whammy eyes' at Reikana for calling her a tool, the Vampire gives them the shard. No sooner do they start to leave than they learn what happens when somebody goes against a deal with Destiny, the Goth Vampire getting turned to ashes. Since Dias is unable to locate another piece of the box, they reboard the shuttle in preparation to return...and find out just exactly what the 'whammy eyes' did to Reikana who is quickly stripping out of her clothes because she's hot.

During all this, Megumi has finished repairing Tora afer the Venerator incident, restoring her body to 95% completion. Needing only a cane at most these days.


Timeline: 10-637.8.9

Session 96: The Supernatural (2)

Location: Underground Base
The team has managed to deal with two supernatural events from the previous session, having been joined by some of the Duality characters after Session 194. With Zephyr and Vyvy returning from the wedding between Iko and Tel that took place a few hours ago during the break the team had to help Dias recover, who is being monitored by Daiman, many of the other supernatural characters such as the kitsune are not in better shape. Yuki is having trouble breathing, much to Erica's dismay, and they are slowly having to focus to remain solid as the hours continue to pass. When Dias has another vision of werewolves in the midwest of North America, the team heads out, made up of various people from the 3 teams and the Duality people, led by Zephyr.

They arrive in a casino strip labeled the Mid-West Vegas, where Zephyr, Dias, Ren, Cookie, Kellin, Hope, Yuki, Chad, Vyvy, Erica, Kaori, Ori, Reikana, and Tabetha head into the casinos, with Ren getting excited at the idea of gambling until Kaori warns her the house always wins. The groups split up to investigate the casino, with Chad leading one group toward the back. Yuki and the others watch a magic show on stage and Tabetha feels out the minds in the casino, stating she can feel the werewolves all over them. Suddenly on the stage the werewolf turns a man who looks like Marcus into a werewolf before the audience, which seems to be the cue for all the others in the casino to begin transforming. Orihime fireballs a werewolf guard at their side, dropping it, and once Yuki communicates a magician has the piece of Pandora's Box, they head after him, passing casino goers being eaten.

Dias and Marcus begin to battle it out while the others try to keep the horde back while going after the magician on their end, going into the dressing rooms. While Erica has the time of her life, punching werewolves, the others fight to stay alive, finding a clue in the dressing room that the magician has a crush on a girl in the strip club next door. Cookie and Tabetha, with help from Marcus and Dias, destroy the outer wall and they escape out into the night, heading for the strip club. Meanwhile, Taiga guides Kellin's group by comms, leading them to a side exit and out into the night once they learn they need to go to a strip club. The groups, minus Dias fighting Marcus still in the casino, are reunited.

They find the magician helping a stripper pack up her bags inside the strip club and confront him, getting the piece of Pandora's Box back. By now, Ren and Yuki's tails have faded away, showing how far along they have faded now power wise as well. The magician begs forgiveness, saying the person who gave it to him and the spell never told him this would happen. Taking the piece back, they step back out, where a monsterous Marcus steps outside with an army of werewolves. The team TKs the piece toward Dias, who is being held weakly by the army as a chew toy and barely gets into his chest before Marcus snatches, powering his life up to 45%. The lycan army vanishes back into normal people and Marcus seems to return back to normal, with some of his werewolf powers.

Returning to the base, Taiga announces there are 2 or 3 pieces left, while Yuki looks barely able to focus. Getting another vision, Cheryl brings up the location - Winchester Mystery House. The team heads there, musing on how the place is not known to be haunted, but once there the house seems to have added a few ghost floors that were once burnt down long ago. With the piece in the house, the house keeps rearranging it self and the spirits of the house seem to have come alive. Battling phantoms and dolls, they find the piece hidden in the basement and once they put it in Dias, the house returns to normal, the hauntings ending.


Timeline: 10-637.8.10

Session 97: Rise of the Unnatural (3)

Location: Underground Base
With only a little down time, the Base is astonished when Kii'Chigo arrives to announce that Kasha has dissappeared after having gone after some Nogitsune. Suspecting that these Nogitsune may have another piece of Pandora's box, a team is put together quickly to head after Kasha, letting Kii'Chigo and Chii lead the way. Along with Marcus, Dias, Angela, Cel, Isis, Saf, Reikana, Zephyr and Cookie they head out into the forest near the mansion; after a bit they smell smoke and realize too late that they are surrounded by the Nogitsune.

A brief fight breaks out, with the Nogitsune attempting to steal away Reikana and others who have Kitsune heritage, and a great many Dragoons protecting their friends and family. The Nogitsune succeed in getting Reikana and Angela before escaping deeper into the forest; where the team realizes the source of the smoke is coming from. When they get close they discover Inari, Kasha, Thara, Tsukiyomi, Angela and Reikana tied up, Hi'saa slowly being prepared as a roast. A leader of the Nogitsune prepares for a ritual with Inari and standing off to the side are two imposing Gods...Thor and Ares.

Despite suggestions that they might negotiate, battle erupts once more when the Nogitsune leader readies a knife by Inari. The Nogitsune being weakened due to the ongoing issue with Pandora's Box are quickly routed; but Thor and Ares are a different matter as they both seem to be interested in a good fight. The Norse God of Thunder engages them in a battle royale, forcing several of the team to unleash everything they have in order to defeat him. No sooner has Thor fallen than Ares steps forward, his blood singing for a good fight; with no recourse but to accept the rest of the team begin fighting the Olympian War God.

With combined attacks they able to break through Ares armor and finally after what looks like it could be a knockout, Ares congratulates them for fighting him to a time limit he had set ahead of time. Giving them the piece of Pandora's Box he vanishes. Still missing however is Kasha Nue, Destiny apparently traded the piece of Pandora's Box to Ares for her.

The last piece of the box recovered, they reassemble to container that released the Gods, Kitsune, Ghosts and a plethora of other creatures into the world. As Dias is about to take it back into himself Destiny shows up to claim the box as well; as they engage in a seemingly titanic bout of Tug of War, Kaori makes her own move and will's the box out of Destiny's hands and allowing Dias to plunge it back into his chest.


Duality Prelude:

Timeline: 6.30.5992

Session 196: The Kumen Wastes

Location: Kumen, The Club
Cypher's team tries to find any leads that might lead to what Destiny might be up to these days, hoping to go on the offensive instead of being on the defensive all the time. While the group is having their usual antics, Ymir, who has returned from her roundabout on Geyze, speaks with Riki, showing her some Macross charts that alarms Riki enough to get everyone's attention. Telling them that in the Kumen Wastes that are being terraformed, there have been spikes of unindentified energy recently, Ymir offers to monitor the spikes of energy from Macross while the team looks into it.

Location: The Academy
Liana, having been ill lately as she nears 9 months in her pregnancy, has been brought to the Academy with all the various healers and other experts to see if they can help her. Selena, Neekito, and Celes worriedly look over Liana while Alita calls Brooke (Undine) to aid her in healing Liana, along with Simon and Ellie. They find an ancient virus coursing through her body from Kumen and none of them know much about it due to how ancient it is. Vyvy offers to help take the virus, her body able to process much, proclaiming she is immortal after all and sits, prepared to take the virus on if Liana worsens. While they get ready, the Mew Mew Ship lands to take some of the team up to Kumen to deal with the strange source in the wastelands that the Cypher Team discovered. As the team heads out, Rada absolutely refuses to go to Kumen, practically failing to live up to his first assignment, and remains behind with Liana and the others, while Vyvy makes a temporary bond with Liana to begin the process of taking on the virus.

Location: Over the Kumen Wastelands
The Aquarius crew floats over the Kumen Wastelands as they learn about the virus situation and how it might be tied to the energy spikes, with many of them commenting how they are not really knowledgeable in how to deal with viruses. While Yuki and Saorise flirt about Yuki wearing a nurse outfit and giving her a check up, much to Pepper chargin, they fly the ship over the planet and see that the restoration project is coming along nicely over the past few months, restoring things at a nice pace. They head to an area not fully terraformed yet and suit up, with Mireille in adult form seeing them off as they head out.

Using a dune buggy, the team teams ride out and explore the area until they find a calm in the sandstorm that is being generated by some orb. As the team tries various methods of scanning it, Simon's makes him sick and gets mad vibes off the orb. As they study it, the orb grows 3x in size and shoots off a black mini orb toward Geyze. Back at the Academy, Liana has begun to feel better as Vyvy to take the virus from her into herself, with the others healing Vyvy to try to boost her natural immune system. At that moment the dark orb hits Qui's shoulder and Tenebrae smells sickness inside Qui growing like Vyvy. Brooke announces it is a Stage 0 and Neekito and Tenebrae work together to expel the darkness, destroying the spirit like parasite before it can take root.

Back in the Wastelands, the team debates how to deal with the orb before it shoots out off more disease orbs at people. Cypher tries to crash the dunebuggy into the orb to stop it, but the team does manage to see that the spewing orb has a creature inside it. Yuki meanwhile begins to get sick being near the orb, the parasites' nature being resistanct to spiritial beings getting to her. Pepper and the others manage to catch a lone parasite and they call Mireille to warp them in so they can tractor the orb into space and destroy it.

While Rada protects the door from more orb, the team signals they have succeeded and Vyvy is taken by Shade to be watched over and babied, her immune system having beaten the virus, but leaving her weakened and tired.


Timeline: 7.1.5992

Session 197: The Alpha Quadrant

Location: The Academy
As the teams seek respite from dealing with the Parasite on Kumen, a new alert draws them all together once again; the Gate to the Alpha Quadrant Homeworld has been rebuilt. Worried that it might get used to bring the Slow-Time Miasma here the groups converge on the Aquarius and begin planning, a field around the gate makes using energy weapons impossible, and ballistic weaponry would require a lot of time to destroy an object the size of the Gate. They finally agree that their best course of action is to move the gate to prevent it from actually connecting and therefore give themselves time to dismantle it.

Several members gear up and head out in EVA suits to attach tethers to the gate, and as soon as they start they're interrupted by the Gate seeming to dial by itself. Rushing to stop the dialing sequence, the Aquarius bridge crew is left wondering who is dialing from where; while the Space walkers hurry to attach the cabling. By the time of the third dialing attempt, Rada and Chelsea have learned enough to attempt to disable the dialing and start working on that while the others finish attaching the cables. As Rada and Chelsea complete their tasks and start to head back, a small bit of the slow-time miasma leaks from within the gate and envelops Cypher and Samson.

Debating how to get them out raises ideas of using Chronos to rewind time, psionics drilling and or holding the miasma in place and eventually the use of a Causality Crystal Power to change where the Miasma is. Simon takes the initiative and begins moving the Miasma but not Cypher and Samson by playing the odds with Causality, and is able to free the two. When they search, they find it floating in the midst of an asteroid field away from anything that could get caught in its slow time.



Timeline: 10-637.8.20 / 7.10.5992

Session 98: Convergence Part I

Location: The Academy
The team is resting after their assignment in the Alpha Quadrant, doing their various hobbies as well as enjoying each other's companies, and some are even practicing their power they have been granted from Void. Ellie, meanwhile, has secretly gained two other summons during her honeymoon that she has been practicing with - Gnome and Neekito. While they talk, Rain prepares to call a meeting when Fate appears before them, unaware that Rada as been led off by another Rain to talk to him privately. The other Rain tries to convince Rada to use one of the shards but by the time Fate appears, it seems time runs out and the other Rain leaves, leaving Rada to join the meeting. From there, Fate begins to appear one by one to each of the teams, talking to them in synch so each team hears her words as she stares at them.

Location: Underground Base
Listening to Fate, they begin to learn who Fate really is finally as she begins to explain who she is and who she works for all this time. Explaining that they are part of a group that monitors branches in history that forms multiverses, and from there more multiverses. In fact, there are core histories that spawn multiverses and from there later on is the possibility of more core branches with their own multiverses, all seeding from major decisions in history. Her organization was made to monitor 100 year segments and clip the minor branches so that no major core could ever form. Fate and her people have locked the team's branch from interacting with other group multiverses and possibly having Destiny mess with them through the tree by hiding the existence of it and by looping time. As well as destroying the timeline if Destiny wins, putting their faith in the team. Fate was placed into their branch to warn and guide them, so she will live or die with them. Cheryl's team seems to be the one who gets the most out of it, having been talking to her directly and asking the most questions when suddenly Destiny's voice can be heard thanking Fate; moments later Fate vanishes, as if cut in half.

Location: The Academy
Destiny appears behind Fate and uses a sycthe to cut her in half in front of the team; to their credit the team moves quickly, with Vyvy calling Brooke (Undine) and Alita using her staff to begin casting magic on Fate, with Mykel using his TK to keep Fate together. As Ellie helps out, Destiny frowns at Rada, complaining that it is a shame he didn't get him to use the shard, and vanishes. Barely alive, Fate warns them he is going to merge the worlds as the area begins to shake and cracks appear in the ground. Sylph comes in to gather those she can to try to help move them.

Location: The Bar
At the bar, the team prepares to move to the Mew Mew Ship, with Cypher warning things might not be safe soon, telling Riki to get to the sanctuary with the kids. As they move into the kitty shaped ship, they can see the Aquarius powering up in the background as well. As they take off, they can see Yggdrasil appearing where the Spirit Planet once was before, growing and taking over the world, followed by a rip in space with red skies appearing and the Earth and Moon can be seen as well. While on the comm with Yuki and the Aquarius, the Mew Mew vanishes, much to the shock of Erica and the others, followed seconds later as the Aquarius begins to glow as well.

Location: Underground Base
The team is dismayed as their readings go off the charts as they realize that a tear in reality is opening and they are picking up Yggdrasil appearing before them. Talked out of destroying the tree by Miyuki, Chii, and several others, Cheryl decides that they will have to come up with some other idea to deal with this new threat. Kaori, moving closer to her parents, is eyed by Cheryl, when suddenly some of the people in the base vanish and are replaced by other people. Cheryl, Zephyr, Katherine, Liana, Hope, Cole, Lisa, Angelos, Dias, Wolfe, Airym, Kaylin, Jelly, and Ceilia find themselves in the Underground Base, either already there or having been transported. Wolfe immediately finds himself crushed in a hug, reunited with Cheryl after so long, and many others find themselves having to be caught up after being thrown here, no doubt by Destiny trying to split up the teams from their friends and loved ones. Alerted by Zephyr that the Mew Mew Ship is parked in their yard, the group prepares to investigate it after being told that it belongs to one of their people.

Location: The Mew Mew Ship
On board, many wake up to find themselves in a strange place, such as Locket and Vesta. Cypher, Vesta, Locket, Chelsea, Logan, Pepper, Max, Cookie, Tabetha, Maeryn, SpoC, Rada, Myria, and Vyvy recover their wits, with Vesta growing hostile and forming her weapon at first until she realizes that they are allies, and Locket being wary much longer than that, butting heads with Maeryn. Pepper at first wails that she misses Yuki and Erica, and Max want his wife back. Cheryl and her team retrieves them after a bit, bringing them down to the Underground Base to help plot out what to do next, leaving Chelsea worried about leaving the ship behind even for a little bit.

Location: The Academy
The Academy finds their people changed much like the others, with Sasha, Cassandra, Kaori, Gor, Alita, Si'Chii, Simon, Saffron, Gwen, Taiga, Isis, Mykel, Daiman, Miji, Cel, Hess, and Miyuki now on the Academy on the grounds. As the Academy people greet those they recognize, like the former Headmistress and Gor, others like Hess wonder just is going on. As the team adjusts and Alita feels Fate's body, her chrono energy being off, the second sign about her being unstuck in time, the first being I think in The 20th Anniversary, the team carries her to Sasha's building to talk and plan what they will do next. Hess and Kaori talk and Kaori admits lately she has been feeling off, with the rest of the team trying to decide what to do with the giant tree in the sky.

Location: The Club
At the Cypher Bar, Asarar, Ako, John, Kira, Josephine, Ylva, Necia, Kellin, Kane, Chad, Angela, Luci, Ash, Orihime, Sunny, and Kitty find themselves appearing now, and Asarar is especially confused, having been leaving on the Mew Mew Ship. When some of the team spots Sunny, they immediately bounce on her to try to subdue her, to the confusion of the others. Sunny blows up John, sending him flying through the bar, with Kitty pushing the alternate Taiga down to protect her, and Kellin and the others decide to straight up murder Sunny. Asarar, to protect her bar, opens a trap door to drop Sunny down into the cell for prisoners to end the nonsense. Ylva fires stun shots down the trap door, while Asarar tells the team to fill her in on what is going on so she ccan help them plot what to do next.

Location: The Aquarius
The glowing light finishes and the Aquarius finds their crew has been changed like everyone else, with Erica, Ellie, Yuki, Ben, Samson, Mi'Na, Denise, Durt, Kiseki, Sao, Rea, Reikana, Umi, Reese, Jennifer, and Marcus now on the ship. With Samson and Ben eyeballing each other dangerously, they all quickly have to figure out what is going on and why they have been split up, figuring it must be Destiny. Ellie quickly is joined by Sylph, giving the team some Spirit Firepower at least and Cherry joins Marcus, giving him some added tiny Cheryl firepower. However, at that moment, Cherry and Samson begin to fade from existence and Destiny appears on the ship, stating that they are simply echos from another turn and with Yggdrasil there, they are now fading away like they should have long ago. In fact, not only are they fading away, but those from alternate timelines or realities that are still here will fade away as well.

Samson announces he is here for Cherry to feed her for the tree to power it up and that they will not stop him, since Cherry is an echo from a previous turn. The team goes into battle stance, with Saorise melding with Yulindhe, Marcus going into combat form, and many others stand between Destiny and Cherry.


Timeline: 10-637.8.20 / 7.10.5992

Session 198: Convergence Part II

Location: Underground Base
Having been split up and mixed up by Destiny once more, teams are taking stock of their situation as well as making plans and guaging each others' capabilities. As they consider the possible ramifications of their next step questions keep popping up and new developments as well, finally they reach a majority consensus; they're heading to the tree in order to work with their counterparts and save the Prime reality and transfer as much as they can from the Mirror reality.

Location: The Academy
As the group at the Academy takes stock a suggestion is made that Kaori may want to check in on 'Cennie' and see what is going on there due to the appearance of both Yggdrasils. While Kaori focuses, the rest are left to wonder at the arrival of ships in space around the tree...and some of them are headed towards the Academy itself. While calls go out to evacuate and seek shelter the group is transported to Centerpoint; Avatar looking ill seems to be weakening from a programming assault likely from Destiny. Deciding that this is their last chance Kaori requests the Centerpoint power to be transfered to her and whisks the group off to Yggdrasil in order to save as much as she can.

Location: The Aquarius
Destiny's fight has drug on longer than he expected, several of the veterans taking him on in tandem while others are getting themselves ready as reinforcements make their way to the fight. As Erica and the others arrive the tables are turned on Destiny, who after suffing spirit attacks appears to be weakening. Deciding to flee and search for easier sacrifices, Destiny creates a ball of destructive Hyperspace and in a brief moment of heroism Denise (or insanity) tries to tackle him. The hyperspace destroys part of the ship and Denise, Yulindhe getting captured by Destiny in the chaos.

Location: The Club
No sooner do things seem settled here than Destiny appears, grabbing for Taltga only to be met with attacks, fireballs and Holy Blasts. Taking all of it, Destiny holds onto his hostage before warping away leaving them to wonder why. As they load into a shuttle that Asarar brought in, the old Norse mythologies are mentioned and a serpent who ate the Tree of Life. Thinking that they might be able to use one of Vyvy's kids to act like the serpent, they decide to make a quick stop at Geyze before heading to Yggdrasil.

Location: The Mew Mew Ship
Having crashed in the lowest branches of Yggdrasil and with enemy ships approaching, Chelsea activates a command sequence on her ship...unlocking the prototype Aquarius files and numerous upgrades to include a new Spirit, Aimée. With systems reactivating and weapons and shields on par with the Aquarius's they rebutt the attacking ships before proceeding to their destination. Unloading and heading out to confront Destiny who has several of their friends at this point.


Timeline: 10-637.8.20 / 7.10.5992

Session 99: Shattered (1)

Location: Tokyo, Japan
The family has been monitoring the red skies when Erevis finally decides she has had enough, especially with Athena fading in and out. The Zhenmei family and friends gear up and plan to head toward the strange tree in the sky when they are attacked by Destiny, who manages to defeat them rather handily, snatching Erevis and warping away with her. Xanatos and many others leap into the warp's wake, chasing after Destiny, leaving Lenneth and Tel behind.

The Mirror Yggdrasil Tree, Team Academy
Being pulled by Kaori to the other Yggdrasil, Sasha, Cassandra, Kaori, Gor, Alita, Simon, Gwen, Taiga, Isis, Mykel, Daiman, Miji, Cel, Hess, and Miyuki appear on a large branch, the tree already the size of the old Yggdrasil. Further down from them, they can see the damaged Aquarius, with it's back end missing a section. The team decides to head upward for the time being, hoping the Aquarius will manage on it's own, so they work their way up, with some of them climbing and others combing into dragon form and giving lifts, such as Gor and Si. Miyuki also foxhole helps the travel, and they begin to quickly transfer upward the glow up top, hoping to find out what is going on up there. However, on the way up, orbs begin to attack from the tree, attempting to cut them off on their way up. Gor and Si blast upward with the team firing at the orbs from their back, blasting past the attack and escaping the onslaught of orb monsters. Reaching the top, they hear a voice promising they will never leave again.

Location: Shuttle, Cypher Team
Flying toward Geyze, Asarar, Ako, John, Kira, Josephine, Ylva, Necia, Kellin, Kane, Chad, Angela, Luci, Ash, Orihime, and Kitty begin to approach, with Asarar deciding that they need to get ahold one of the spirit twins, thinking that one of the prophecies might relate to this. As many of the team focus on forcing themselves to remain solid, Asarar flies the shuttle over the Academy which they see has been overrun by Destiny's forces, with spirits like Gnome in cages after having been left behind in the initial invasion. Ylva decides to free Gnome and help with the Academy, so she leaps out of the shuttle as they head for the Hapian Capital. The shuttle then reaches the castle where Destiny's forces are drilling into the castle, attempting to reach the sanctuary with the kids; doing some fancy flying, Asarar works her way through the castle passages into the spirit realm to reach the sanctuary.

With the help of Luci and Necia guiding them through the hallways and the spirit realm, they manage to find the children in one piece without smashing into any walls. The kids are being watched over by Riki and some of the maids set up, but Asarar basically has the team take Tenebrae and Nocturne, telling the others they need them for saving the world. Leaving the other kids, with Ruhi and Cherie comforting each other, and the other spirit kids watching them, they begin to fly back out, hoping that they can finish the mission before the enemy reaches the children. Escaping the castle, the shuttle begins to run out of power but Necia and Luci once again help keep it powered and going into the atmosphere, barely making it into orbit where they escape Geyze's draining reach and it can reboot and fire off again, flying for the nearest tree.

Location: Mew Mew Team, Prime Yggdrasil Tree
Cypher, Vesta, Locket, Chelsea, Logan, Pepper, Max, Cookie, Tabetha, Maeryn, SpoC, Rada, Myria, and Vyvy have reached the Yggdrasil near Earth safely thanks to the Mew Mew Ship's spirit and now must climb it to reach the glowing orb near the top. The plan is agreed for this tree to get the energy from the other tree's destruction, and hope that they can somehow meld the two universe's together somehow, based off what the book told them, but they need to hurry - the moon and Earth is already looking sickly. Pepper turns into a winged alien to help fly teammates upward along the branches and Vyvy does the dragoon thing, both of them flying them up along the tree.

However part way they see people on the branches calling out for help, looking like they are from Geyze and Earth. They manage to heal the wounds on the people but their energy doesn't restore, much like with what happened to Miyuki on the other team when she used her foxholes. They are attacked by seeds and orbs, having to fly and battle their way to the top much like the other team did and after evading them, finally reach it, settling down onto the branch where they wonder what to do next.

Location: Aquarius Team, Mirror Yggdrasil
The Aquarius, with the remaining crew of Erica, Ellie, Yuki, Ben, Samson, Mi'Na, Durt, Kiseki, Rea, Umi, Reikana, Reese, Jennifer, Marcus and Cherry has managed to limp it's way to the lower roots of the Mirror Yggdrasil, but many of the crew such as Cherry and Samson are nearly depleted, since they are echos from other turns. Destiny appears, taunting them and asking if they can really climb in their current condition and they notice he has a strange snake like creature on his body, marking him as a different looking Destiny than they have been encountering. After issuing that he will face them up top and disappearing, Reikana, who has transformed into her Noire form, points out that Destiny was pretty beaten before but looks healed completely now. After talking and noting that if they wait around too long, their companions will vanish, Cherry steps forward.

Stating she has a few minutes of power left, Cherry decides to put all her power into getting them up top as quickly as possible instead of lingering uselessly. Turning into a massive Dark One, Cherry surrounds them in dark balls of energy, charging Noire up as she does so, then throws them into the sky, launching them up to nearly the middle section of the tree before the balls give out of energy. The team then drops onto the branches, and Sylph retches from the dark energy, apparently not in tune with the Dark One power. As Erica and Yuki form a dragon for the team to get on, Destiny's forces attack them so they cannot get any higher. They manage to repeal the forces and Jennifer helps Ben and Samson onto the ship, with Ben eyeing the fading Samson warily.

Location: Cheryl's Team, Space
Cheryl, Zephyr, Katherine, Liana, Hope, Cole, Lisa, Angelos, Dias, Wolfe, Airym, Kaylin, Jelly, and Ceilia are aboard Cheryl's battleship, with Cheryl listening to reports that the mansion has been overrun by Destiny's forces, much to Hope's horror. Cheryl attempts a Darien type flying manuever, programming into the computer a series of micro-hyperspace jumps to avoid the fleet of enemies to reach the Yggdrasil tree. However, the calculations Cheryl makes is not entirely perfect and they end up too close to the tree, so Hope begins to aid in the calculations. Firing missiles at key points, Cheryl stops the ship by lightly crashing into the tree; at the same time they spot Asarar's shuttle flying past them and up toward the top of the tree. Katherine remains behind to work on repairs on the ship, with Lisa protecting her, while the crew gets off to explore the tree.

Location: Top of Prime Yggdrasil
Feeling the shaking of the tree from the crashing of Cheryl's battleship, startling the Mew Mew Team as they wonder if it was enemy or friendly fire who shook the entirely tree. However, there questions are soon answered when Asarar's shuttle lands with their team, carrying Tenebrae and Nocturne aboard with them, as well as Cheryl's group arrive a bit later. For the first time in a while, three teams have reunited since Destiny has seperated them. As friends and family are reunited once more after a long day, they explain their plan to destroy this tree to help power the other tree, and hope Kaori can use her reality powers to bring the mirror universe into their world. Some are unsure, especially since Kaori has been depressed for months now, but they decide to give it a try.

Asarar has Tenebrae and Nocturne begin to consume the tree's energy to destroy and weaken it when a normal version of Destiny appears to stop the team. The team rushes in to save Nocturne, allowing them to do battle, while Hope and Locket work together to make Hope stronger. The team is shocked to learn that Destiny is a Progenitor as he uses hyperspace and is unphased by hyperspace attacks from their Progenitor members, shrugging the attacks off as if they are nothing, much to their dismay, but magic and spirit attacks begin to wear him down from users such as Ceilia and others. Finally the combined attacks destroy Destiny, revealing a plant that melts before them. The twins finish and the tree begins to shake and collapse, causing the three teams to rush back for the ship as fast as they can manage it.

Location: Aquarius and Academy, The Last Yggdrasil Standing
The Yggdrasil that the other teams are on begins to rapidly grow, becoming even more massive compared to before, shaking around the teams as it forms and before them Destiny appears, reaching for the glowing orb of energy as it gathers the other tree's energy as well. Upon Erica's warning, Gor foxholes and tries to cut his arm off from eaching for it and Simon ice shards Destiny's back. In response, Destiny forms a legion of himself to attack and destract the team, attempting to destroy them once and for all. As they destroy them, they turn into plant copies, indicating none of these are the real Destiny as they stop them from reaching the glowing orb of power at the center. Simon summons Chronos, who holds the child form of Fate when she appears, and Alicia summons Undine to the party, using water to knock tons of Destinys off the branch to give the team some breathing room. Chronos slows down time to give Kaori time to figure out how to tap her Reality Powers, slowing the Destinys in battle. Noire begins to get warmed by Noire due to her Dark One powers doing the most damage to Destiny, since he is a Progenitor, and Ellie and Sylph work together, defending each other.

As they clear the area of Destiny for a moment or two, the branch slowly forming more due to the time slowness, they have a brief moment to work. Fate seems lost and confused, as if she does not entirely recognize them or this era, studying the orb while Kaori works with it. Fate confesses she is from the future and was transplanted improperly, and that the child version is the one who was placed first, hence she has future events knowledge, while the past knows past knowledge. During this, Destiny has recovered and 20 of them jump Noire, lashing her and attempting to kill her while they talk. Alita and Ceilia go to aid them, with Void wiping out all the Destinys and leaving, and the grenade assisting. Kaori uses her powers with the orb, draining 85% of it to move Yggdrasil to the Prime side, along with Geyze and Kumen who have taken up the planets Neptune and Uranus and the massive tree in the center of them where the Spirit Planet used to be. Unknown to them, some new elements from the Mirror Universe came along as well such as the Maka. They also learn about Destiny, who was once Airell, an ancient Progenitor who designed Centerpoint with the help of an ancient Serpent who claimed to come from the future and needed to ensure his own existence. The Snake bounded Airell and corrupted his mind, leading him to go from wanting to help protect his people, to murdering his own wife and tricking his people to using the faulty Centerpoint.

After seeing the visions, Destiny flees, enraged at his failure, vowing to use Yggdrasil's true power, knowing how to unleash it, since it would be much like Centerpoint, since he based Centerpoint on a branch of Yggdrasil. The team is wary, wondering what Destiny's final plan will be now that the power of Yggdrasil has been used. And thankfully, the red skies seem to be over now.


Timeline: 10-637.8.20 / 7.10.5992

Session 199: Melded (2)

Location: Cheryl's Battleship
As the groups head back on Cheryl's battleship, an odd reading on the sensors causes Cheryl to change course towards the outer planets. As they get closer to where Uranus and Neptune should be they find that Kaori was successful in merging their realties; Kumen and Geyze have replaced the two planets and are nestled in orbit around an enormous and fully grown Yggdrasil. Suspecting that their friends and allies are already on this tree Cheryl brings the ship to hover near the top to allow the majority of them to disembark. Finding an area where it looks like fighting took place they decide to follow the trail and jump off the side.

As they descend (fall) they're beset by wood clones of Destiny who use a strategy of simply trying to grab hold of somebody and explode; after triggering their explosions away from the group they finally come to land in a central area of Yggdrasils main trunk large enough to hold entire towns. Progressing further they find that Yggdrasil is forming its own environment for sustaining life, and connected to the Tree are giant chains stretching off toward the planets Kumen, Geyze and Earth; at each chain is a massive group of Destiny Clones guarding it.

Having Dias, John and Cole engage the clones to distract them, the rest of the group converges on the chains; melee’s like Max, Wolfe, Chelsea, and Cheryl start attacking the chains while Zephyr, Cassandra, Kaylin, Tabetha and Hope begin decimating clones from long range. After destroying the chains attached to Kumen and Geyze they head for their next safe spot.

Location: Somewhere inside Yggdrasil
As Erevis, Athena, Kasha, Sammael, Drasek, Leyaeh, Tel, Jaime and Xanatos are slowly being absorbed by the tree; Drasek faster due to trying to burn himself out using Hyperspace, Shion arrives for her mother. Using her bo, luck, leverage and gentle persuasion she is able to get them all freed of the roots that have been holding them.

Location: Yggdrasil - Academy & Aquarius Teams
As they keep searching for Yggdrasil's Core, they are slowed by members fading from reality; Fate changing from young to adult with new information keeps them going. With Gwen's proclamation about not dying before he's laid, the tense atmosphere is swept aside just as they arrive at the location where Erevis's family is trying to get through a locked door to Yggdrasil's Core. As they're preparing to bust in, news is passed around of the losses suffered so far...causing some to prepare their weapons for the eventual fight with Destiny. With Chery's group joining them it seems like they're all prepared for the door to open.

Inside they find the Snake-Destiny working to unlock the main terminal for Yggdrasil, with Rada trying to engage him in discourse and talk him down, others like Kaylin are wound tightly and ready to fight. After admitting that he hasn't unlocked the power of the Tree but is using the power from Earth to do it, Cheryl departs in order to sever the chain connecting it to the Tree. With dozens of clone Destiny's growing up instantly, they're left with little choice but to engage him; Summoners like Simon, Ellie, Mykel and Alita calling on the Great Spirits to battle the clones while Destiny himself is engaged by Marcus, Max, Dias, Cookie, Tabetha, Noire, Si, Luci and Kaylin weilding a shrapnel rail gun. Airym, Jelly, Hess, Kaori, Chelsea heading for the terminal to see if they can take control of Yggdrasil away from Destiny.

With the Spirits literally wiping the ground with Destiny Clones, the combatants are able to pummel Destiny with gunshots, ripples, uppercuts, maces to the face and enough shrapnel to sink a fleet of ships. Releasing his hyperspace form Destiny counterattacks forcing them to unleash their own bounds; Holy Blasts, Dias's fists, combination TK attacks and spirit augmented rail shots pummel Destiny once more to the ground. As dust clears, the snake that had been riding on Destiny's shoulder has vanished and he is left bleeding in the bottom of a small crater; Kaylin, drawing out a cannon even larger than Zephyr's Dragoon Bustah, prepared to finish him is stopped.

At the terminal, the key to unlocking the system is a strange riddle, the meaning of life itself; amongst various answers, a heart emoji seems to unlock the system. As the team moves to secure Airell it's suggested that the real enemy here was the Snake, and they will need to track it down and deal with it shortly. Oh, and Cookie proposes to Pepper. Shortly after this, sometime during the week, Marcus uses a risky chance with a shard to bring Cherry back, succeeding in a 1 in 2 chance. Everyone is overjoyed and unknown to Marcus, the loli Cherry seems to be tied to Marcus now.


Timeline: 10-637.8.27 / 7.31.5992

Session 100: The Fall of Eden (1)

Location: Underground Base
With peace now occuring, a week has passed and Yuki is finally back home at the Underground Base for good, with her sister hanging off her arm happily and Erevis there to observe how things are going, such as Cheryl setting up monitors to try to watch Yggdrasil, even if there is a delay due to the strange 1:3:6 time that occurs between the Prime Universe proper, Geyze/Kumen, and Yggdrasil. Pepper seems overly thrilled with Earth, wondering why Cookie would ever leave, and Yuki is showing Erica around, happy to have her wives back, rocking Yurica in a rocker. The team seems surprised when Cran shows up, wanting to come along, having learned about Destiny and his role with the red skies and the near end of the world. They all go to the prison cells where Airell is being kept, to interrogate him, though he mostly seems to question why he is being kept alive after all the damage he has caused so far. While questioning him, they find Airell arrogant as ever, and while he concedes that he lost and the future is now their's, he wonders what sort of future they have inherited.

When Rada enters, he states, while holding the locket of Airell's wife, that he doesn't believe the serpent is reason enough for his actions and that he doesn't hold to the other's belief that he should be given another chance, and if Rada ever encounters him outside the cell, he will kill him. As if amused, Airell begins to talk finally, explaining that due to the Progenitor's stupidity, their entire branch of history would be cut off, not just the last 100 years, because the entire universe had lost the spark of what made a race "human" - there was no growth left. He states the serpent gave him an out, claiming to be from the future of this tree, meaning it couldn't be cut off, and had a twig as proof, creating a paradox - the serpent had to have come back in time to give it to him. Airell used the twig as the foundation of Centerpoint to search out other realities, that could be used as the foundation of Yggdrasil. Erica seems depressed that Airell's mad schemes led to a turn that Kaori was born 'unnaturally' unlike she was suppose to be - to Kasha and Miyuki.

After he finishes, he states the old Serpent is still out there, and will work to ensure that a younger version can be born one day to create the paradox. Giving it a name, Ouroboros, Rada muses on the concept. As they leave, Erica seeds the idea of revenge in Airell, but as the group steps out, they are confronted with a new problem on the horizon. Earth senators are debating what to do with Geyze, Kumen, and Yggdrasil basically appearing on their front doorstep. Erevis reveals that some of the politicians have already left for Geyze to meet with their leaders and decide what to do about them; after some thought she decides to head there as well, to keep herself in the know-how and see what she can do as well.

As they prepare to go, Lorelei and the Tarehian kids walk by with enough supplies to last years. Revealing that she plans to use Yggdrasil as a training grounds due to the years moving faster compared to the rest of the universe, she wants to have the kids ready for what is coming in the future, feeling the Tareh Gods being reborn one by one somehow. Cheryl, however, doesn't have long to ponder her daughter's actions as they detect something in the vault and find the centerpoint shards have been taken somehow. Rea checks the camera and sees the serpent somehow got in without setting off alarms and ate the shards, a whole mess of them, leaving only the Geyze shards left. Zephyr makes a note to head to the Academy to check on the situation and give a warning about the shards and the serpent.

Location: The Academy
Cypher and Chelsea have moved to the Academy since the Yggdrasil incident, though Cypher has been a bit moody, since Asarar and those in the club have gone MIA - the Cypher Club being emptied out of equipment and people during the past week, indicating they have gone underground and returned to their roots now that the world is safe once more. Watching the Geyze leaders argue and fight with the Earth politcians, who are demanding that Geyze and Kumen become Sol colonies if they wish to remain without incident. Cypher asks Chelsea if she wants to get out of the old business and go legit, since Chelsea is already known for making ships, and focus on more family life and do stuff that makes them happy.

When Erevis, Xan, and Hope arrive, the Senators have already stormed off as talks break down temporarily. Erevis joins the leaders of Geyze and Kumen and suggests a radical idea to them to help stand up to Earth, as well as the leaders of the Prime Universe - an offical Alliance, going one step further than the treaties. Sasha muses on the idea and turns to Celes, supporting it, and Celes states that if they do it, Geyze and Kumen must be equal if they go forward. Sitting there, they work with Erevis to work on documents to prepare an offical Geyze-Kumen Alliance before the Earth Senators return.

As they work, Zephyr arrives, stating the Aquarius will be arriving soon with Airell, in case he has more information, much to Chelsea's dismay. She has brought several people with her, including Rada, Si, Gor, Kaori, and few others. Asking to be taken to where they store the shards, with Kaori remaining hidden behind Zephyr whenever she looks around, Maeryn moves to take the group to the shards. Zephyr is caught in a goo trap that Rain has set up to protect the shards, and the team has to help un-gooify her while they check to make sure the shards are okay. Cassandra takes a picture of Zephyr and Kaori scares her, but once they verify, Athena sets Gwen there to guard the shards while the team debates what to do about the serpent.

They ponder ways to track the serpent and hit on a few, wondering about spiritsand perhaps Marcus. Noting that Marcus seems to be wandering these days, out there somewhere looking for the serpent due to a bite he received, and is likely with Cherry, they dismiss him as an option. They decide to tap Ellie for help, finding Neekito with her these days, since she can summon Gnome. Deciding that Gnome might can find the serpent due to being in touch with the earth, they follow Gnome while she feels out oddities in the planet. Sylph flies ahead, spying the ground from the air above.

Location: The Aquarius
Cran muses on the bridge of the ship, along with Ben who seems to be acting a lot odder since the Yggdrasil incident, where he and Samson briefly vanished over a branch together and only Ben emerged. Many dismiss it as either Ben killing Samson or Samson finally vanishing due to his weakness - or something more sinister, with how Erica eyes him out of the corner of her eyes. Asking why he looks familiar, since she knew Samson, Ben informs her and many note that Ben looks a bit more lean compared to the bigger Samson, making people wonder if Ben will beef up as he gets older. However, when Dias touches his shoulder, offering to train him, Ben judo throws him on instinct, a bit out of character. Then informs them of a potiential problem approaching, bringing up on the screen dozens of Cartel, Tsivrixsh, and Erusian ships approaching.

Being hailed, Erica speaks to the captains of the other ships. After demanding to be allowed to the meeting below, Erica states they would likely be allowed, and the hail ends, but that is when they notice the PAX is present as well. Ordering Yuki to take them in, the Aquarius decides to follow down, with many of the ships taking up formation around Geyze.

Location: The Academy
The politicians, along with others such as Cypher, Chelsea, Rada, Erevis, Xanatos, and are still engaging with the Earth Senators, not knowing that they about to have company. Just as they maybe about to make headway, shuttles land at the meeting ground, causing all sides to rise up to see who has arrived. The Cartel, Tsivrixh, and Erusian people step out and move to the table, announcing they are here to announce the Suisen Empire wishing to speak to about the tree of life being in the system, and announce the leader of the Suisen Empire. Erevis tchs as the Progenitor Empiress Erevis pulls her hood down, revealing herself to everyone. Dias and the Empress do some verbal sparring, since many hoped she would have faded or gotten ill like many did to the tree, but she assures him she is hale and hearty, with no problems. With Ao's daughter as her aide, she sits down at the table.

Stating that Yggdrasil is the tree her mother sought after long ago, she hopes that the Suisen Empire can offer them protection. Though the offer sounds like she is not leaving much of a choice.


Timeline: Date: 10-637.8.27 / 7.31.5992

Session 200: Duality (2)

Location: Geyze
With the Alliance talks underway, a small group has went off trying to locate the Serpent; with Gnome leading them they come across a pack of female Wolf-Fauna who are trying to drag Marcus away to make him their Alpha Dog. After saving him they continue on until they find three crushed remnants of crystals and a larger than life Serpent to deal with; flaming kicks, holy blasts, blades and cannons knocking it into submission. When they inspect it they find that it was simply an animated skin that had been shed. Once Gnome finds the trail again she starts leading them back towards the Academy...fearful of the implications, they decide to use Cole and Miyuki to transport the hunting group faster.

Location: The Academy
As Erevis stares across at the Empress the discussion has turned to the merits of joining the Suisen Empire directly or as a part of EarthGov; the presence of Yggdrasil being an immediate concern that is brought to light. After putting the Empires Bill of Rights out for review and playing it nicely, Empress points out "If you do not join, we will move to the next step. The tree is life after all." Before that statement can be clarified the group hunting the Serpent spills out through teleports and alert those gathered about the danger to the Academy's Crystals.

Arriving at the storehouse they find Gwen lying unconscious and the building completely flattened like it was destroyed from beneath. Considering the more imminent threat from the Serpent, it's asked that the Alliance negotiations be put on hold while it is dealt with. The Empress agrees and even offers to assist them. With only a couple of Shards remaining to them, they retire to the Aquarius to use it as a launching point to where Gnome and Sylph detect the creature. There they also enlist the assistance of Airell, who is more helpful when the Empress removes her collar from his neck and the choice given to him. Fate arrives to notify them that due to another time jump she has seen that they will encounter the Serpent again in the future.

Date:10-637-9.1 / 11.1.5992
Location: Kumen As the wastelands of Kumen are slowly transformed into villages and habitable spaces, the Serpent Hunters come across their fourth location of the Serpent. As they search for signs of the creatures location and are considering getting the locals to move to safety, the Serpent makes its move, trying to eat Rada and an entire house from below since he's still carrying a shard. Getting everybody clear, the group quickly engages and destroys the giant snake. Unfortunately it is yet another skin clone, leading most of them to aggravation at the roundabout approach they have. Seeing no other option but to continue.

Location: Yggdrasil
Having been training for the past six month, Lorelei, Durt, Kellin, Grandpa Windrunner and the kids are slowly making headway. A game of Dodge-Boulder giving the youngsters a fair amount of exercise before they engage with him in actual sparring. After working on their teamwork a bit they're finally given a reprieve...for 5 minutes. As they talk, Kaori's waning Reality Power alerts her to the presence of the Serpent; sending out a quick message for help, the kids and few adults brace for however long it takes for help to arrive. Systematically attacking pairs, the Serpent drains Kellin of his Hyperspace and uses it against the others.

Dragging off Grandpa Windrunner and Selena forces them to follow as a group just as the reinforcements arrive by shuttle; Airell, Empress, Zephyr, Erevis, Sammael, Luci, Drasek, Angela, Angelos, Reikana, Marcus, Cel, Reese, Alita, Ceilia and Chelsea immediately taking stock and battling against the Serpent. Figuring that summoners and spirit magic are still as potent against it as before, as well as Hyperspace, they work to dispatch the creature. Before they can Rada uses his Crystal and shortly afterward the Serpent is finally destroyed. Kaori considering the last of her Reality Powers decides to work on bringing back Samson, Cherry and Denise.

Location: Geyze
After the leaders agree that joining the Suisen Empire directly is their best bet, Empress leaves to gather a full delegation to make it official; Dias and others plan to start efforts to normalize relations as well. Erevis decides that in lieu of returning to Earth she will remain on Geyze, her family joining her.

Sometime after everything is wrapped up and it is clear that things are back to normal, Kaori uses 5% of her reality powers to bring Denise back to life, leaving her with 10% of her power left. It is unknown if the power will ever restore with time, or if this is it.