The Duality Wars: The Alien Wars 6

History (Session Logs)


Key: S = Session. Sty = Story. M = Mini. (more may be added with time)

Part I: Ebb and Flow

Arc Zero: Alpha

Chapter 0: The First Revelation

Verse 1, S.1: Session 51: The Past is History

PAX City, Prime Earth, 10-635

For the past sixth months, minor earthquakes and major storms have become a problem for the area. Yuki, age 18, has just recently become leader of the defunct Reality Strikers. The PAX, center of the Suisen Empire, remains as it had in the middle of the city.

A parade goes on in celebration of 20 years of lasting peace. Yuki monitors things alone in the station as Taiga waits for Ouka amidst the festivities. Lenneth, Si, and Cheryl are also there, among others, such as Kitty. Meanwhile, Cookie goes to see Yuki, and they talk about the Strikers.

As Shion arrives, flowing through the crowd, a pink-haired kitsune girl gets lost in the same. Everyone talks, starting to speculate whose child this girl might be. Taiga rescues her, and she introduces herself as Kaori. Asked where she comes from, she gives a very simple answer.

The parade begins to move on, and Taiga suggests they go to Pio's to party. Most seem to agree, aside from the confused Kaori. As they start to get ready to go, origami foxes and little person-like things briefly terrorize the group, followed by Kiichigo greeting them. As they proceed, Taiga drags Kaori along.

It begins to rain, and they rush along, Ouka sharing her umbrella with Kaori while some of the others express rustration. No real answers are given as to whose family the pink-haired fox might be from, if any. Inside, a holovid shows news programs about the unprecedented weather, with warnings to stay indoors.

JM brings food and drinks to the group, and Kiichigo assaults Yuki with her shikigami. Taiga works on a game, while Yuki looks suspicious of Kii. Suddenly, Yuriye bursts in, grabbing Kaori with Keiji at her other arm, before Kaori can even finish properly asking if it's okay for her to be there. Yuriye raises quite a fuss, yelling for sake.

As Taiga works on building two planets in her game and Yuriye orders the sake, the holovid shows a building sinking into the ground, which gets the attention of Miyuki, Yuki, and Kaori. Just as suddenly, the video ends, and Taiga heads out to tell Lenneth to raise the PAX's shields. Ouka follows, more than a little concerned.

They meet with Lenneth, reporting what happened, and the shields are extended to protect the city from the rain. Ao runs scans, noting that the lower half of the sunken building is gone. There is no lower half. Taiga remarks that the kids will have to do something, and that after all, Yuki runs the Strikers now. They decide to head back to the others, first and foremost.

Verse 2, M2

While waiting out the storm, Kiichigo and the others play around on the ship, having nap time and enjoying themselves, while Ama's sister arrives and talks with Ama. Shion hugs her Aunt Inari in greeting, always fond of her. Meanwhile, Taiga works on her new video game while relaxing on Ouka's lap, Dualing Worlds, and pets her second daughter, Rengo, giving her loving while they wait to investigate what is going on outside.

Verse 3, S.2: Session 52: First Encounters

1.04.5988 CE

At the Asian District's Space Port on Kumen, ships arrive carrying mercs who had gone off to war for the Crytok Empire, including Max. Ignoring beggars, he moves to leave, but finds that the port has been locked down and no one is allowed out. Meanwhile, Chelsea wanders around wondering what's going on.

Max speaks to one of the Corp people, who tells him that they are looking for someone, holding up a picture of Vyvy and stating that she is a deadly killer who might be trying to get onto one of the ships. Even as the spaceport is fully locked down, one shuttle moves to leave, and Chelsea catches sight of a person in a cloak trying to get onto the shuttle.

It seems like everyone in the port may be detained, so Max squeezes through a wall, while Chelsea escapes over a fence, ultimately ignoring the cloaked girl getting onto the shuttle as it leaves. The Corporate goons discuss the situation and it's noted that the girl who escapes most likely survived falling to Geyze when the shuttle dumped its cargo.

Otto is cuffed along with the rest of the crowd but has them verify his identity, having a badge. Luci meanwhile arrives on a call from her job, but mostly seems to just want to help more people escape. Chelsea goes to contact her partner deciding it's time to do another job.


1.06.5988 CE

A job request is sent out, with news that everyone from the Space Port incident was released, although the number seems to be off by 1. The pay seems high, and Otto, Luci, and Max take the job. The job is to go after a killer said to have murderer a Corporation President's daughter. Again, they are shown a picture of Vyvy.

Last tracked into Daemon territory, they are sent down to Geyze by shuttle, just outside of the Dark Forest. They head in alongside the pilot, tracking Vyvy, and eventually come to find her in a meadow, apparently sleeping.

Max changes to tiger form and pounces for Vyvy, who rolls over, revealing a trap hole filled with spikes. Otto fires a tranquilizer, hitting Vyvy just above her blood-soaked left eye. More shots are fired, but soon dark tendrils come out from the trees and grab the group, with Vyvy carried away. A voice warns the rest not to fight in her territory and to leave.

Vyvy is dropped in a river and is soon out of sight, and the corporate goons give up on the operation, realizing there isn't much they can do when the forest itself is hostile. They pull out, although the group weren't paid the full amount they were promised.


1.17.5988 CE

With the missing number from the Space Port incident having been retroactively made missing, Luci drives around on duty in the middle level. Chelsea is scoping out a building with her partner Bourbon, about to break in, which unfortunately happens to be the same building in which Jelly works at the time.

Bourbon gets the window open and Chelsea follows him inside, finding a fancy statue worth quite a bit in the otherwise boring office, purchased by Jelly's boss. Chelsea moves low, finding a switch under the desk while Bourbon gets the statue off of the pressure plate. Flipping the switch reveals a hidden room with even more goodies.

Jelly makes his way io the room, checking because of a window trip indicator, and Bourbon hides behind the door, ready to distract him. Chelsea grabs the diamonds and paintings, getting them out, while Bourbon slams the door into Jelly, sending him all the way back into the wall on the far side of the hallway. Bourbon throws a rock at Luci's car as they make their escape, thinking it might get some help for poor Jelly.


4.30.5988 CE

Maxwell Terran eyes his daughter in a cryogenic chamber, said daughter having been afflicted with a rare and incurable disease. His wife hugs him as they look over the work for a Mark IX Biotect, having recently obtained a test subject. He says that while there is no cure, perhaps they can make a Biotect with her DNA, similar to the Mark IX, and use it to repair Ymir's genetics. Thus did work begin on the Ylva Project.


Verse 4, S.3: Session 53: The Wolfe and the Hunter

7.1.5988 CE

Luci is working a case from a businessman and given a rough sketch of Bourbon, with the reasoning that he injured the businessman's employee. This seems a bit suspect, since said employee has also been let go. Nonetheless, Luci takes the job, although she isn't sure how to handle it. The leads point to him hanging out in the slums of Quads 5 and 6, often with a cat girl. She heads out.

Kira sits at a noodle booth, eating, while Luci loses her wallet to a young fox fauna. Jelly meanwhile is observed by suits elsewhere, as he tries to figure out his own coding. Luci goes up to the noodle booth and orders, while Chelsea hangs out in an alley counting money.

The alleyway starts to spark and light up, while Luci shows the sketch of Bourbon to the noodle booth guy and asks about him. He tells her where he's seen him. Meanwhile, Jelly overrides the door to his room and breaks out of it. In the alleyway, a naked man appears in a flash of blue light -- Wolfe.

Luci looks up information on the building Bourbon is staying in through her partner. Chelsea stands off with Wolfe briefly, then makes a break for it. Kira moves to go, while Posco walks into the alley and attempts to arrest Wolfe for public indecency.

Wolfe and Posco argue, with Posco pulling out a rod, while the fauna from before now attempts to rob Chelsea, who pulls her knife and tries to scare the fauna. Jelly escapes into the slums, and Luci begins to tail Chelsea.

Just then, a woman in a hospital gown with two-tone purple-black hair slams into Wolfe, followed by a bunch of Corporate suits. Wolfe bums a jacket off of one of them, then starts to stand off with them, while Chelsea makes her escape from Luci.

Bourbon passes by and Luci attacks him, causing him to react rather quickly. The woman Wolfe saved moves on, while Wolfe tails the suits, who continue to track her. They try to convince him to leave them alone. Luci manages to capture Bourbon with some effort, essentially arresting him.

Jelly moves through the slums behind the woman, seeming to tail her as he looks around for tails. Chelsea wonders where Bourbon is, while Luci takes him away. Jelly is suddenly seized and taken away in a vehicle. Wolfe takes down the suits, taking their clothes, while the woman flees.

Wolfe leaves the suits with their lives intact, even if he did after all steal their clothes. Later, a vehicle swerves into Luci and sends her flying, while the people inside grab Bourbon and go, disappearing into the night, and although Luci tried to track them, they eventually abandoned their car, gone without a trace.


Verse 5, S.4: Session 54: Before the Academy

10.8.5987 CE

In the Hapian outer villages, a beam of blue light flashes, dropping three women from it. Shion and their equipment make a rather hard landing, and she remarks that crossing without the capsules is indeed possible. The others get up, with Shion detecting a signal from one of the others already, strangely.

They speak about gathering intel and figuring out where Yuki's group is. Following the signal, they find Liana's village up ahead, where Isis greets them energetically, having been staying with Liana and her family. Before long, they are introduced to Liana and her grandfather. They talk about monsters, including tentacle monsters, which leads to Liana's grandfather speaking about how such monsters can be tamed.

A few days later, Liana guides them to the capital. Isis tries to talk quietly, though Liana listens in. Fortunately she doesn't really understand what they're talking about anyway, just that it sounds like an adventure. Isis speaks about how they need to find "items" scattered around, which are likely causing trouble for both worlds, and saying that they need to form a power base to find them while they wait for Yuki and the others.

They come upon Sasha's villa, as well as Sasha herself, who warns them that they shouldn't be on a crown estate. They compliment the place however, as they greet her. She suggests they find transportation, and after some brief discussion of Sasha's situation, they continue along on their journey.

Eventually, they arrive at the Empress' court, after having bade Liana farewell. They come before the Empress and her overwhelming power, with even Isis wincing. The Empress tells them that their story is interesting, questioning their wish to build an Academy and procure land from her.

Miyuki explains her reasoning, as well as the Neutral nature of the Academy, and the way she intends to unite them on such neutral grounds. The Empress seems curious and agrees to grant her the requested land, as well as offering modern spirit-tech to get things up and running. She gives them one year to get everything ready and sorted out before she will take it all back. This last bit causes Celes to eye her mother and then leave.

Lu suggests a visit to the library, and they discuss Celes' similarity to Sasha. When they enter the library, a pile of books are already waiting, likely left for them by Celes. Lu reads through information about the countries, looking to see which is weakest at first, but then on Miyuki's insistence, the strongest instead. Miyuki elects to see the Legionnaires first.

In the Legion, Mykel trains with his father, with the Kaiser secretly watching. He turns to look at Miyuki and asks her about her intentions. Miyuki explains herself, as well as explaining that they need to be able to teach multiple kinds of training, many ways of thinking, and that they need weapons and tactics, even though they have land.

The Kaiser shows some skepticism at first, but he quickly pledges his support, asking them to take Mykel when the time is right. He tells them that he loves the world, and will make certain that his people follow her, even with the Amazons likely being present. He states that Geyze needs to be united, and that they have fought for too long already.


Verse 6, S.5: Session 55: Choosing a Captain

?.?.5985 CE

Topside in Quadrant 1, ships are being loaded up as the Crytok Empire recruits mercenaries. They take along older model Biotects, as well as people like Max, speaking of a 3 year campaign for a distant skirmish. Samson stands by an important-looking maid as they watch this happen.

The maid speaks about how they need their own ships as well, and not just small ones. Samson clarifies that they want to ramp up production on a large vessel, and the Maid agrees, stating that they want to build a ship to get back to the Homeworld. Heading toward CoreSector HQ, Samson states that it could take years to build, and lots of manpower. She says they'll just have to get people interested in being on the ship.


?.?.5986 CE

CoreSector opens an elite flight & ship training school, though few can even dream of entering. Waiting on the announcements from a lottery for boarding the ship, some of the students that couldn't get in loiter at a bar a couple of blocks away. The bartender eyes Linda and Erica, telling them they look like a bunch of sad gals.

Linda talks about her reasons for wanting to get in, but explains why there's no chance she would. Erica responds by quoting Saoirse, saying that any place is better than here. Linda heads out to see the lottery, and Erica follows at a leisurely pace, not seeming in any rush.

The numbers are being called as they approach, with Lina bunny hopping along. Erica's number is called, and she comes up just as it's being crumpled up. The maid remarks that Erica's the one who left with the 'blade girl' despite getting in, and assumes she'll be giving the lottery spot to said girl. Erica nods.

Next, Kathryn's number is called, followed by a number of someone who isn't there. She ultimately crumples up that number, calling Linda's next. Linda reacts with surprise, and they all move to go inside.


?.?.5987 CE

After a year of intense training in separate departments, the crew are brought together into a "clique", as the school begins to use such to evaluate how students would work together as on a ship. Biotects recently having been given freedom, Kaylin is assigned to them, with an announcement about the Biotects being used in the school as a symbol of their newfound freedom.

Their teacher and clique leader enters, telling them they know what to do, and reminding them that Erica is their Captain and leader, so they should follow her orders in the simulations to come, starting tomorrow. The crew pay mixed levels of attention. Erica tells them to be ready for a rough trip. By which she means the rest of the training.

The next day, they are on a mock-up of the Aquarius bridge, and a simulator begins to run. The maid from before and a woman with blonde-ish tan hair with fox-like ears watches them, unbeknownst to them. Erica tells everyone to take their stations, and a multilayer ship appears ahead. They are fired upon, with their shields down, and Erica quickly orders them to put them up and return fire. Marissa attends to Linda as she is sent flying.

The enemy ship is damaged heavily and hails them. They say that they surrender and ask for mercy, but power continues to build up within their ship. Erica tells them to power down their weapons, but they insist that it is a mere power leak and that they just need a moment to control it. Marissa suggests they're trying to blow them up. Erica asks if they need assistance, and they insist they just need time.

Kathryn is ordered to take them out, and moves them away from the other ship. Mere moments later, the enemy ship explodes, although they are safely out of range, if a bit shaken. The simulator ends, with Erica saying that she would nonetheless grieve for them if it weren't a simulation, even though they must have blown themselves up. The maid and fox-like woman who were watching the simulation move on, saying that these might be the ones.


Late 5988 CE

After finals, the team are on break topside, waiting for the results that tell which clique will be the official Aquarius team. They are given money to celebrate, though Linda says they should stay in while she mixes drinks and makes horrible party food. And have Rocket Blasters, she adds, when Marissa points out her need for them.

Meanwhile, Lu and Shion stream past, like drawing Saoirse's eyes as they make their way for the Kumen Library, speaking about gathering information for their mother before they miss their deadline. Erica peers at them, noting that you don't see people like that every day.

The results are posted, and the group check them out. They find that their group is #1, and that as such, they'll be getting all of the school's efforts from here on. Marissa notes that she'll have a special order for supplies for the ship, once again gesturing at her favored brand of energy drinks.


Verse 7, S.6: Session 56: Opening of the Academy

Mid 5988 CE

After meeting the Legionnaires, Isis and Lu take Miyuki to see the Spiritualists, followed by the Ents and the Naturalists, getting the support of each. Now they go to see the Amazons, left unharmed along the way only because they are female. They travel to the capital, taking note of the high ratios of lesbians, and how the men are ignored.

Lu explains to Miyuki how it all is said to have started, with Isi chiming in that it might be hard to keep everyone together at their school. They enter the queen's hall, where all of the women are topless, although the Queen has not yet arrived.

Princess Qui approaches them, her scales blue, and bids them welcome. Miyuki thanks her for allowing the audience, and Qui thanks her in return instead, trying to say something about her own efforts. Miyuki asks her if the idea interests her, and Qui replies that it does, and that the Amazons could learn a lot from the Academy's idea of peace and tolerance. She takes them to her mother.

The Queen greets them, although she immediately shows more skepticism than any of the previous leaders had, especially considering the Academy's Legionnaire support. Miyuki tries to persuade her, although the Amazon Queen reminds her about her people's history, and tells her quite plainly that things will not change in that regard. Miyuki reassures her, and with some hesitation, the Queen gives her permission, saying that she will contribute teachers and allow her people the chance to join. She tells them that a feast will be held.

After much partying, Qui goes to speak to her brother, urging him to join the Academy. She states how she wishes she herself could go, but she still wants to unite the Amazon and the Legion. Shion and the others listen in, feeling there may be some trouble in the girl's future.

Shion's concerns are unfortunately proven right quickly, as the next morning, Gwen is thrown into their carriage, covered in blood. The Amazon who carried him explains that she is one of Qui's servants, and that Qui was attacked as a traitor. She tells them who Gwen is, and explains that she used a dagger to unite their bodies, allowing Gwen's body to save Qui's life. She implores them to take Gwen to their school. Miyuki ultimately agrees, as they speak about the situation, saying it will need to be watched carefully.


Late 5988 CE

As Alita and Ceilia vacation in a beautifully dark city, Miyuki's group arrives, trying to navigate it. Ceilia has to get Alita's face out of a book, and Shion addresses them, asking for directions to the Dark Palace Tower. Alita blinks and points to the tower, but warns them that they'll need a noble's guidance. Miyuki and Isis show their love for each other, and Ceilia and Alita try to imitate it. Lu drops a school card for them, while Miyuki hires help in the city.

As they arrive at the tower, Lu warns Miyuki that they may have to handle this one carefully. She speaks about how the Empress is a young girl who lost her parents just earlier this year. Miyuki seems confident, however. They enter the throne room, making their way up to the chairs and being greeted by Empress Neophyx Ilas.

Miyuki approaches her with a motherly air, as Neophyx asks her about her her Academy. Miyuki begins to explain, but Neophyx shows some hesitation, glancing at her advisors, who it almost seems may have told her it was just a waste of time. Miyuki invites her to show them her home as they speak about it, and she agrees to it.

Showing Miyuki the various floors as Miyuki explains the nature of the school and its goals, Neophyx seems convinced and says that she will send her people and their knowledge if Miyuki really believes they can contribute to this Academy. She feels Shade would also approve. Miyuki invites the Empress herself to attend, but the Empress declines, as her people need her. She does, however, suggest that her sisters might be able to attend in the future if they wish it.


End of 5988 CE

The Academy begins to open its doors, having made it in the time restrictions Empress Hapian had specified. Miyuki stands in her office with Shion, as Shion peers down at the school grounds below, seeing Gwen looking around fearfully. Ceilia and Alita walk along, excited. Miyuki sips her tea quietly, noting how she missed the sound of children like this. Shion talks about how soon they'll be able to send them out to fix the world and find the things they need.

Lu, below, waves at the children and takes down their names and notes. The Tamae begin gathering them and guiding them, even as Gwen briefly bumps into Liana. The students begin to get sorted into their groups, ready to learn what they will from each of their Tamaes. The Academy is finally open.


Verse 8, S.7: Session 57: Beginnings of a Team

Early 5989 CE

At the Academy, students train with their Tamae during the day, learn from hand-picked teachers during the mid-day, and self-study during the afternoon. In the evenings they are given free time to interact, and on the weekends, their entire days are free time. This was one such weekend.

Shion observes the students. Qui feeds animals. Liana practices. Lu goes through the scores, trying to decide who would work well together. But then, a Hapian woman bumps into Alita. The Hapian woman is immediately insulting, and Ceilia responds in kind, although Alita mostly seems a bit confused, oblivious to the fact that she is even being insulted. The woman then bumps into Vyvy, giving her much the same.

Kids begin to make a bonfire, planning to tell spirit stories. Some of the group including Qui sit and listen, as a story is told about how Shade came to devour all that is evil, and now devours bad boys and girls. Vyvy denies it, raising a bit of confusion. Meanwhile, Sasha bumps into the twins, telling them that they should control their urges.

Miyuki and Isis go over the lists, starting to sort out what would later become Unit 6. At the bonfire, more stories are told, such as a store about Gnome creating Geyze, or an opposing story about Aska creating Geyze while Shade created Kumen. Qui seems to take a bit of interest in Vyvy, while Alita joins in, discussing the stories. The students make fun of her for her beliefs about the elements, however.

Mykel comes to the Academy, arrivig quite late, and Miyuki orders him brought to her tent. Meanwhile, Liana returns to her training, and Alita invites Vyvy to be her bodyguard for the night against the Hapian woman from before. However, when Alita arrives back at her room, she finds her books sabotaged. Lu discusses with Miyuki about Mykel, while the Hapian woman is found in Alita's closet and later forced to make a public apology.


Verse 9, S.8: Session 58: The Storm is Here

PAX, Earth Prime, 10-635

After 3 days, the storms finally begin to let up. The various teleporters that had been cut off begin to come back online. Yuki steps outside, seeing that within the city, some buildings have sunk into the ground, while at least one has another building merged into it. The ground is squishy, as well. The sun has finally begun to come out.

Yuki declares it time for the Strikers to shine, although Taiga discourages her, noting that there can't be a reality situation. It's impossible. Yuki tells Airym to ignore her and scan. Airym complies, and detects anomalies, much to Taiga's confusion. Yuki heads out to look into it, accompanied by a few others, including Taiga, Kaori, Cheryl, Tabetha, and Airym.

As they move along, Yuki detects weak spots, and they eventually spot people half-stuck in the ground, many of them dead. Rescue teams are called, including Wraith Squad. Over time, over 800 people are freed, although 3/4ths of them are alive. They get samples of the Terran Empire emblem, as well as strange glowing mushrooms.

Days later, they continue attempting to identify the people. A meeting is called in one of the PAX's largest conferences. Yuki takes charge, discussing the emblem, for which no match was found, and saying that the signatures of the things they found have a variance of about 1.234 compared to their reality. The Dragoons found are also differently evolved.

CHIP brings news, stating that one man among those freed, name tag Samson, has the same variance as their reality. Cheryl and Taiga eye each other, with Cheryl asking where her children are. All are accounted for, however. Taiga states that they need to get the rescued people awake to answer questions, especially the one allegedly named Samson.

Yuki brings up the topic of the shards of Centerpoint which were dumped into what she calls a reality hole, stating that the pieces did have to go somewhere, and perhaps they caused changes on a 1.234 variance. CHIP takes and scans Samson's DNA while at it. Airym prepares a scan for Centerpoint shards.

The people begin to wake, and CHIP softly notes that Samson's DNA is on file; a match to ben's, albeit with some mutation. Jennifer asks his name, to which he replies Agent Samson, although there seems to be a brief spark as he looks at her. He explains that he got there by accident, bounced from place to place, after being on a ship. When asked where he is from, he answers with Geyze and Kumen. Samson prepares to answer Yuki's inevitable barrage of further questions.


Verse 10, S.9: Session 59: The Plan

PAX, Prime Earth, Early January, 10-636

In the 5 months that passed, two more storms have occured. Samson's memories seem jumbled, although he certain resembles Ben. Yuki continues her work, making a temporary base in search of the other world. She uses the newcomers as samples for this, most of them having adapted and gotten jobs on Prime Earth. Yuki begins to theorize, speaking about how they know of at least three locations: one like their world, then Geyze and Kumen.

Her next plan is to go out into a storm and study it with their devices. Airym suggests launching probes, but Yuki disagrees, saying that they need to go out personally, as electronics simply break too easily. The will go out in suits, with Kitty on standby to pull them out. All they can do is wait for another storm. A few volunteers quickly emerge, and Samson will of course be brought along as well.

A week later, a storm begins to gather. Yuki wiggles ito one of the suits, with Kitty, Samson, Kaori, and Gor also ready to go. Airym will monitor them remotely. Rin also wishes to go, but it is quickly vetoed. Taiga speaks to Ouka about what's going on, and Dueling Worlds... She implies that Kumen and Geyze may have been the names of the worlds in that game.

The group head out, approaching the presidential building to find half of it gone. Their suits begin to crack, and a person falls from the sky in a strange Imperial uniform. Kitty pulls them out, and Yuki looks over the data they got, which shows a weakening of the walls of their reality; a mirror universe exists on the same plane, in the same space, and it's bleeding through.

Yuki determines that it must be related to the blackhole and the remnant crystals from Centerpoint. Kaori jokes that a quest to find the crystals is just like a video game. Yuki theorizes that perhaps ever reality has a mirror side to it, and something punched a hole between them. Samson begins to remember more. He explains that he was on a ship to investigate the Homeworld, which had been abandoned due to an event in the past. Cookie asks him the name of that Homeworld, but he explains that the name was lost.

Yuki comes up with a plan, explaining that it won't be easy without reality powers or ships, but they may be possible to plug into the mirror universe by creating capsules, while others look for a more conventional way to cross over. Airym states that she still possesses Centerpoint software and could use it as a starting point. Yuki nods, giving the order to gather everyone and set their plans in motion.


Verse 11, S.10: Session 60: The Simulation

Beginning of 5999 CE

With many displeased at Erica's clique becoming the #1 group, Erica has made many enemies, as have the rest of her clique. Even as the rest of the school are reorganized to work under her, many protest and attempt to sabotage that. In particular, one rich and powerful female student has begun to make life hell for Erica and Saoirse, campaigning for a re-evaluate through bribery and other underhanded means.

The team go about their business, many of them tired, when the girl wanders into their area. She offers 5,000 credits to Marissa, Denise, and Kaylin, trying to get them to work for her, saying she can help them get ahead in the world. Or fix their inherent problems, she adds, looking at Saoirse.

Everyone turns the girl down flat, while Erica questions her comment to Saoirse. The woman replies by stating there are certain rumors about Erica's girlfriend's past, and though Erica says it's none of anyone's business. In response, the girl says that of course she wouldn't care about her past as Captain, but implies that the administration may feel differently.

The woman leaves, ordering a subordinate to get information to destroy each and every one of them. The next day, she reports all of that information to the head office, only to be promptly thrown out. She tries to post it publically instead, especially Saoirse's thorough history, but that fails as well. The woman's entire family being destroyed in reputation in response.

The crew remark about how pathetic it was, discussing what dirt was posted about them, including Denise's resume of all things. Erica glances at their schedule and informs them that they have a simulation in half an hour. Everyone gets ready to go, with Saoirse being surprisingly quiet.

In the simulation room, they are told that the entire ship will be at their command in this simulation, and they are ushered into spots to hook in, with IVs. Soon they are in, standing on a bridge much like the real thing. The team take their positions, whether on the bridge or elsewhere.

Not long after they set out, errors pop up all over the ship, with crew members asking for Erica's help. The bridge malfunctions, turbo lifts break down, lights go out, and sensors fail to pick up anything useful. Erica starts relaying her orders, giving temporary solutions and urging her crew to talk to the heads of each department. Eventually it stops and they continue on their way, but then they reach the jump point, and are forced to reboot the controls just to get things working again.

Hours later, they've finally managed to take care of all the incidents for a few hours and are having a little meal among the senior staff. The computer questions Erica about whether she's really happy to be the Captain, but she doesn't falter. Just then, they fall out of lightspeed, and rush back into action, although Saoirse gives Erica a smoothie while she deals with things.

They navigate around some asteroids, though their weapons system fails. Erica goes to fix it, but ultimately Denise handles it, thanks to the studying she'd been staying up late to do. A few hours later, they reach the final destination, but their dock is overrun by enemies with powerful weaponry.

Erica orders them to sneak back into the asteroid field and get behind things unseen. Surprisingly, they make it through, thanks to Kathryn's piloting and some help from a sensor scrambling by Erica. They carefully enter the dock from the back and the simulation ends.

The maid watches them with her checklist as the crew is woken from the simulation. She tells Erica that they achieved an almost perfect score, having handled the crises well, and with Erica delegating properly. She states they will be working closely with Erica from now on, working her and Saoirse hard.


Verse 12, M3