The Alien Wars 6:

History Logs



Part II: Two Worlds

Arc Two/Season 2:

Chapter 3: Death of Everything

Session 121: Death of Everything Part I

Geyze – The Academy
Upon the return of Miyuki and Unit 6 to their home there is much rejoicing, to include a slightly irate Isis since Miyu’s absence was greater than 2 weeks; but there’s another reason for celebration…the marriage of Shade and Vyvy. The ceremony is presided over by Qui, who knows only the Amazonian rite for marrying a couple and leads to Shade and Vyvy tumbling across the ground to determine dominance in their relationship; several raised eyebrows and a curious Maeryn commenting about the lack of tentacles and sap.

During the reception there’s talk about past weddings and Isis even brings up the oddity of the Journals left to Mykel, a design spread across all of their covers is the outline to a ship Lenneth had been designing before Miyuki, Isis, Shion and Lumi had traveled over. Having read through them, Isis also reveals that she recognizes the name Mykel’s father used to go by: Kellin. Giving only a brief history, she is amazed that he has somehow survived what she believed was his death forty years prior. Before questions can be asked, Shade succumbs to some unseen force and before them all ages to her pre-death appearance and muttering about Seals as a font of dark energy blossoms in the distance.

As they tend to Shade it’s realized that the Death Spirit has escaped its confinement once more; none of them are even remotely prepared when Miyuki starts vomiting blood and those from the other world start to ‘flicker’ like their presence is fluxuating.

Near PAX City
A PAX Shuttle bearing Ao, Leyaeh, Athena, Sammael, Robb and Zion searches the rural area where a shuttles duress beacon was detected two days prior, the frequency having not been used in almost 40 years. Upon landing they find the wreckage of an old PAX Shuttle, Ao scanning the scorch marks on its hull to determine the source, the result eye-opening for everyone there…Illium hyperspace blasts. Inside they find an empty shuttle, the only power left in it being cycled to its teleport buffer; two distinct patterns showing as being stored there. Remembering only a couple of times where this tactic was used to save the lives of their comrades during that conflict, Ao triggers the system to re-materialize its occupants; only one coming out before the power is lost entirely, Kellin laying on the ground unconscious as a Reality Quake starts to form nearby. Zion foxholing them all into the middle of Nie’La’s flower garden.

Cheryl’s Mansion – Underground Base
With the sudden onslaught of Reality Quakes around the world Warren has directed the teams to head out and assist with evacuations and rescue operations; Miyuki having already went off to start fox-holing people around. The teams moving off as word comes in that individuals who appeared over a year ago when the reality quakes first started have begun to disappear in small person sized rifts.

Kaori leads her team to the North American continent to deal with evacuations, ferrying people off of a building aboard their shuttle while Hess, Noire (Reikana) and even Rea when he copies Hess’s ripple ability slow the cave in of the building. As they get the last group out, the skyscraper slow-motion falls to its side and settles without being destroyed.

Nue Mansion
After an hour of constant fox-holes and shepherding people around Miyuki has returned home to relax; Isis tending to her when their house shudders, pictures and walls get knocked about as a Spirit-like figure stalks close. In the chaos and flurry of trying to save dozens of buns and kits, Death looms and strikes down Miyuki; severing her head before the eyes of Isis, Shu, Kii’Chigo, Orihime and Mi’Sha.

Geyze – The Academy
With their presence threatened by the profuse bleeding of Miyuki, Isis envelopes her wife in crystal in an effort to save her. As Unit 6 tries to gather its wits, Isis announces that she’s now the Headmaster and they have one objective; to hunt down the Death Spirit and kill it. Because if they don’t it will be the end of all of their worlds.


TAW Session 21: Death of Everything Part II

Cheryl’s Mansion – Underground Base
Not knowing of what is occurring at the Nue Mansion Warren talks with the teams who have returned from their rescue operations, the reality rifts are stable and open, the Military has cordoned off the areas around each rift; he’s disturbed by the fact that Miyuki hasn’t returned to the base yet, trying to contact one of several Nue members who might actually have knowledge of their mothers whereabouts.

With the shuttle’s return a flurry of activity is centered once again in their Medical Suites, Cuddles giving an unconscious Kellin a thorough exam before waking him up. With barely opening his eyes he’s tackled by Athena and others start asking questions while Ama in her shrine seems to know already that 1A will be home to a great many very soon. When the alarms sound, there’s astonishment by the entire Bridge Crew when they observe Isis carrying Miyuki’s head being dragged away from their almost completely demolished home…and a Death Spirit calmly walking away before disappearing.

Leyaeh sending medical assistance and several shuttles down to pick up the entire Nue Clan as Ama and Erevis try to comfort each other; one at the loss of her Miko, the other at the suffering her daughter must be going through. Lenneth calling up Warren to deliver the news.

Cheryl’s Mansion – Underground Base
Shock grips the majority of those at the base; Isu, Hess, Ethan, Ren, An`Mi and others heading off to meet up with the PAX crew going to help at the Mansion. A discussion beginning about just how Death is killing people just by touching them, and amazement that beside Miyuki, the Nue’s somehow were able to withstand it for any amount of time.

Nue Mansion
Kii’Chigo and Orihime are busy getting their family to safety when the shuttles arrive bearing Ama, Erevis, Leyaeh and security teams who immediately begin helping uncover Shu and search for Miyuki’s body. As pinkies and flufflings are brought onto the shuttles, the Shuttle from the mansion arrives and while Isu reels at what has occurred and demands answers Ethan starts directing the medical efforts in hopes of bringing Miyu back. A slight bit of trouble arises between family when Isis wont surrender the head, forcing Erevis to mentally shut her daughter down, and Kii’Chigo stating that she was about to cover them both in ice. Orihime continues to get nothing but ‘unavailable’ messages when trying to get ahold of her last two mothers.

Cheryl’s Mansion – Underground Base
After reviewing footage of Death’s initial arrival through an open Rift, Warren decides to have a team head through and investigate the other side; but with one caveat, the 3rd Gen. Team will stay behind for the most part. Zephyr, Lorelei, Umi, Angela, Michelle, Angelos, Ren, Mi`Na, Si`Chii and Cassandra gathering their equipment and heading to a shuttle prepped for launch.

As the shuttle nears the open rift Death appears and tries to stop its approach, blasts from buster rifles and holy-infused shields see them past Death and into the rift. Warren and the rest watch through Satellite feeds and start making more plans for how to deal with Death and wondering again why it killed Miyuki; though there is one definite, it has demoralized half of the team members and royally pissed off the other half.

Medical is again graced with a flurry of activity as the Nue Clan arrives, Ethan taking over a surgical bay and attempting to bring Miyuki back; his attempt ending badly when the lingering death energy in her body tries to claim Ethan. With despair setting in and grief hanging in the air throughout and around Medical.

Geyze – The Academy
Isis has quickly taken control of the Academy, her usual soft and friendly demeanor having disappeared to reveal a “bitch within” mentality. Briefing Unit 6 on the issues that exist in travel between their two realities; and that to save Miyuki they need to find and destroy the Death Spirit either before it can cross over or by crossing over themselves and dealing with it. The members of Unit 6, Shade and Isis head to a shuttle and make preparations. Shion remains behind to protect the Academy and the cubs.

Kumen – The Aquarius
The crew is going over various routine tasks and even some non-routine ones since Airym has upgraded herself to a more biological body (complete with all functionality) and is adjusting to the changes. As they’re trying to adjust to her new appearance alarms sound, notifying them of disturbances the ship hasn’t dealt with for several months; reality disturbances are appearing around and in the Colony. With these rifts comes another unexpected arrival, the Death Spirit itself who seems to be studying each rift. While Yuki and Kaylin scramble to bring the modified weapons online to stabilize the reality disturbances, the Aquarius is brought to bear against the Death Spirit; Mireille powering up the Spirit-Tech Systems and providing a sizable boost to weapons and shields.

When the command comes to engage Death, the full arsenal of the vessel is unleashed and blasts Death away from a rift that it seemed interested in and through several structures and even a street. However Death does not reappear, his presence disappearing from any of the scanners.

Geyze – The Academy
As Unit 6 plus Ymir, Saorise and Yulindhe lift off they’re astonished as the world beneath them seems to shake; holes appearing at various locations. Flying towards the closest one in Hapian, the shuttle is buffeted relentlessly by squall-like winds and a flood of water pouring out and racing towards the Capital City. Getting Sylph to block the water, the shuttle is caught by a tornado forming above them and sent into the reality hole; Shade sensing the danger teleports away with Vyvy and Liana.


Session 122: Death of Everything Part III

Reality Quakes are raging and demolishing parts of the Colony, rifts forming and drawing in people and buildings alike; the Club is no exception, a rift opening in Quad 5 and swallowing a third of the supporting grounds. The occupants and residents pressed hard to quickly evacuate despite shifting floors, tremors and multiple visits to the Hot Springs when floors buckle. At the President’s Tower, Tora decides to send the Aquarius through the rift that Death was so interested in and investigate the other side; Erica agreeing but offering those nearby the chance to opt out. None do, Tora even contacting the Academy about additional reinforcements.

Shade has returned with Liana and Vyvy after searching for the shuttle and its passengers to no avail; and almost immediately they are contacted by Yuki and asking for their assistance. Gathering Celsius, Undine and Salamander in addition to Shade, they clamber aboard another shuttle with Celes bringing little Selena along, Ymir pilots while being ridden by Shion’s pet Miyasha. The Academy’s oft overlooked floor-sweeper joins them.

The Aquarius crew buckles down in preparation for exploring the rift, systems brought online and defenses powered up as they get the ship in position. When Ymir docks and the Academy group joins them, they’re directed to additional seating and everyone prepares for the trip through the rift by bracing for the unexpected.

Cheryl’s Mansion – Underground Base
Worried that Death may be targeting others, Warren directs Lorelai and Kaori to head out with their respective teams to conduct patrols. Lorelai and her 2nd Gen. Team will patrol in the Presidential sector of Mega City while Kaori will lead the 3rd Gen. Team to a section on the outskirts of Mega City…something about event flags being the deciding factor of who goes where. Permission has been granted for all of them to pull out the BFG’s from the Armory, and warned that should they encounter the Spirit to immediately radio in for reinforcement.

Lenneth calls together the whole family to discuss what is going on, several Nue’s in attendance while Isis is asked to keep resting despite wanting to prepare to meet her army. In the meeting Lenneth reveals that with Cheryl’s permission as EarthGov President, several satellites will be deployed with CHIP’s programming to coordinate scanning and tracking of the Deadly Spirit that killed Miyuki. As they discuss the motivating factors that the Spirit had they’re distracted by an Alarm going off, activity at the rift that Death had come through. The activity is the emergence of a ship that is on par with the PAX itself…and an incoming transmission.

Yuki’s close-up and personal face being the first thing seen as the Aquarius slowly rises through Earth’s atmosphere, and after a bit of coaxing and calming of nerves, settles into space alongside the Suisen Empires Flagship. Once permission is granted to the Aquarius to send some crew over to brief them all on ‘something big and bad’ it’s noted that there is somebody already in the PAX Hangar waiting for them…Isis.

Mega-City Outskirts
As Kaori drives around with her team in an armored vehicle they’re alerted to the signal of Miyuki’s killer coming from the private residence of Ben Carmichael. As they arrive they find that instead of a house there is a miniature warzone; the desiccated husk of Samson being tossed against the vehicle as it stops. A moving battle erupts as calls for backup occur while Ben is pulled into the vehicle, Kaori driving eratically on the mountainous roads to keep the Spirit from getting a good grip on the vehicle. Throughout it they’re able to keep the Spirit from killing anyone else, though Lumi’s tail is withered. Ash realizing that yes, he is susceptible to the creature’s Death-Touch.

Kumen – Quad 5
Asarar and the Tech Crew have safely evacuated, homeless and wondering what they’ll be doing next when a shuttle appears overhead that doesn’t match anything they’ve seen before. Smoking from apparent damage, it lands (crashes) in the street and the ramp is opened; Zephyr stepping out and ready for a brawl. Fighting is averted though when Wolfe steps up to greet his Aunt Zeph. As greetings are exchanged between partially and fully naked people the decision is made to head to the Presidential Tower to work out some sort of plan.

Epilogue 1
Earth Prime
Taiga awakens from a vivid dream, rolling to jot down notes that she’ll use for her Dualing Worlds game.

Epilogue 2
Earth Prime - Future
The shuttle bearing Unit 6 and Isis floats in a sea of water; beside them floats up a space vessel turned nautical ship, a crane reaching down to hoist them up on deck. There, they’re greeted by a group of people Isis finds somewhat familiar; Rachael, Aschae, Nephilim, Kaelan, Leruste, Valen and Narok among many others to include their leader Kellin, it’s commented that they’re amazed to find other survivors of Earth’s destruction.

Epilogue 3
Prime Reality – Random Planet
An aged man with a beard and a younger man wait to board a shuttle, news broadcast going as they have for some time warning people to not travel to Earth due to some rampaging killer beast; the duo boarding their shuttle and setting the destination as Earth…to fight.

Minis: Zephyr's team get to know Wolfe's team, meeting with various people and groups, while Isis' team in the future learn more about the group they are with and she goes over the papers. Rachael, Aschae, and the others introduce themselves and it seems the Tarehian dynamic is strong, with many others from the Tareh world having been born over the long years and gravitated toward each other. And Mykel is wary around Kellin, who is now much older and closer to becoming the man who will become his father.

Meanwhile Warren and Chad continue to try to figure out Death's next target, while Isis seems content to talk to Miyuki's head, and Hi remains in a catatonic state. This puts Kasha in a bad mood as she tries to keep the family together, and even though Isis pulls her duty, no one seems to acknowledge it due to how she talks to Miyuki's head and makes plans with it, acting like she can hear voices from her.


TAW Session 22: Death of Everything Part IV

Cheryl’s Mansion
The Mizukaze family has a short reunion with Yuki and Cookie having returned, they decide to head up to the PAX to go over the information on Death that Shade can provide. As they make their way to the Presidential Shuttle, they’re attacked by Death who seems intent on killing Yuki and Cookie. A battle breaks out as several individuals step in to assist from the base located below the mansion; Chad Winters, Rea and Weapon XII helping provide cover both at range and in close before Death pulls a chunk of metal out of the ground and hurls it into space.

With Cookie suffering from a brief graze against his hand, Tabetha unleashes her psionics against the Spirit and causes it great damage. Disappearing from sight since the efforts of those gathered has weakened the death field around him; they track the trajectory of the metal to match up against Striker Station. Yuki and Cookie both start jerking and fading.

After the arrival of the Aquarius, Lenneth among others is studying what they can of their mirror universe friends; as they consider things CHIP announces the presence of a high-speed projectile. Before anything can be done about it the object impacts Striker Station and several individuals are immediately on alert due to the presence of Yuki and the others in the pods there. The PAX moving towards the station as several individuals start to fluctuate, seeming to fade in and out of reality, including the Aquarius itself.

Cheryl’s Mansion
Terror is gripping Tabetha while Cookie and Yuki writhe in pain, Erica succumbing to the same; Warren retrieves one of the Reality Crystals from the base down below when prompted by Yuki. Considering the issue of their Prime bodies getting sucked into space a shuttle is prepped while Warren returns with the shard. Yuki exerts herself as the primary existence, the Yuki in the pod being willed out of existence and keeping the presence of Erica and the Aquarius firmly planted.

Kitty is saved from her own demise by the sprites that she has befriended over the past several months, all but a few giving their existences to keep her alive. As the pods are retrieved from the damaged Striker Station it’s found that Yuki’s pod is empty, and Kitty (despite standing nearby) is in a coma inside hers; the others are all safe and alive yet have no memories of the past few months back to when they were on the Aquarius and still searching for the Homeworld.

A full briefing is called for in the early morning hours; Lenneth presiding over it and asking for information from Erica and her crew about Death. As they are filled in and make connections between the Mirror Reality and Taiga’s new game, certain details are discovered; yet there are still several more questions that are raised by this. Concern rising that Death seems to be targeting those who are existing in both Realities at the same time; before they can continue they are interrupted by the PAX rocking from an attack, 1A has been infiltrated and under assault. A second is all that is wasted before an angry army is storming, teleporting or foxholing to the Tower; as masked men start firing indiscriminately at pinkies and flufflings mourning the loss of a parent.

Pointless slaughter is met with overwhelming and righteous wrath as adult Nue’s, PAX Security & Staff, Aquarius Command Crew and several others storm into 1A and start wiping out the enemies. Injuries and losses are sustained however; four of the youngest Nue’s, Erevis left injured and in coma, Shion battered, Shade injured…and a missing Nagissa.

Earth Prime – Future
As Isis and Unit 6 look on at the people who have rescued them, Gor suddenly cries out in pain before vanishing; Isis’s icy demeanor faltering a bit. Mykel entering into a stare-down with Kellin, gauging him while others start moving to the interior of the ship; Isis starting to ask questions of Lorelei about what has happened over the course of the past 150 years. When Mykel rejoins his unit, he surprises Sasha by directly answering her question about whether he knows Kellin; that he is Mykel’s father. Aschae overhearing the response is just as surprised.

Isis is surprised to hear that the Suisen Empire has been destroyed, the PAX demolished and a new Religious-Based empire has taken its place. When it’s stated that Isis has been gone all this time, she’s left to start laughing and wondering how to stop Miyuki’s killer now…

Epilogue 1
The Empress of the combined Erusian and Tsivrixsh Alliance Shretrav awakens in Medical, stiffly making her way out to the joy and disbelief of her people. PAX Security making calls to start alerting interested (non-Tsiv) parties.

Epilogue 2
A shuttle bearing 2 occupants and covered in outlandish spray-painting lands in the PAX Hangar; several members of the PAX Staff coming forward expecting to encounter more of the Masked Bone-Fiends that had attacked earlier in the morning. Instead they are assaulted by something far worse; a fashion sense that can only come from the truly brain-damaged and color-blind. Dias has returned…and with him his and X’s son Kaleb.

Minis: Godiva is in distress over her child being taken and Shade is haunted by Vyvy being missing, who went off to fight in the area Nagisa was at. She takes up aiding Chad Winters in questions and works with him to try to defeat Death for good, giving her wisdom in where Death came from and what it is. Yuki introduces Erica to her family and tells them about their being married, and about Saorise. Isis, meanwhile, and the rest of the Nue family, mourns the death of more Nue children in the attack. Erevis is in a coma from the battle and Iko and Ako, as well as Kellin and others, hover about her, worried about her injuries.

X introduces Kitty and Hess to Dias and Kaleb, and works on repairing the damage she's done to her son. She and Kaleb have a long talk, and she encourages him to get to know his sister, Kitty, as well as his niece. Dias and Kaleb slowly meet people on the PAX such as Katrina and many others, getting to know people they have long since forgotten long ago.


Session 123: Death of Everything Part V

Kumen – Presidential Tower
The Tech-Runners along with the visitors from the other world relocate to the Presidential tower; several of Zephyr’s team are surprised by the presence of both Sen and Tora though it can be considered a happy reunion in many ways. With all of them gathered, Tora decides to take advantage of the combined strengths present and get them to work together in dealing with the Death Spirit. Zephyr plus some staying on standby over the rift that has piqued Death’s attention while others head to Geyze to confirm the state of and retrieve the crystalized Miyuki.

Future Earth Prime
Unit 6 along with Isis meets with Lorelei, Kellin and several other members of their crew to discuss the matters that brought about the future’s state. The Boney-Masked race being responsible for the fall of the Suisen Empire, the destruction of Earth and the rise of the mighty Religious Empire; somehow being able to accurately predict future events to strengthen the claims of their religion. Deciding to investigate the Moon’s Religious Center, they head off to a base in orbit.

Geyze – The Academy
Asarar along with several passengers arrives via shuttle to the Academy where Aska and Gnome are working to keep the area protected from flooding. With Asarar directing, Max retrieves the encapsulated Miyuki and brings her back to the shuttle; Kira and Si’Chii beseech the spirits for their assistance with Death, Aska, Gnome and Volt joining them in the shuttle to head over to Kumen. The Academy left in the care of Rain and Grandpa Windrunner.

Kumen – Near Quad 5 Rift
Death appears near the rift unaware of the forces standing watch and lying in wait; before he can approach the rift he is blasted away by the combined Dragoon Busters of both Zephyr and Hope, Cypher’s water magic, a Holy blast from Angela and a Cannon shot by Michelle. The ensuing battle is fierce, Death getting worn down tremendously at range by shifting tactics as the deathly aura’s fall around him. As the fight goes mobile they are joined by the returning shuttle along with Aska and Gnome who start pelting Death with Spirit Blasts; in a surprising turn Death rips something from Gnome, her Core, Gnomes body transforming into a regular persons before disappearing through the rift below.

This enrages several of the gathered forces who respond with renewed attacks, weakening Death even further; in order to escape it breaks into the sewers below the Colony, Hope sending a blast of Firey Plasma down after it to trigger a chain reaction explosion and collapse the tunnels on top of Death. Suspicion that it’ll take days to find out if Death is dead now or not.

Future Earth Prime
The group from the future arrives at its cleverly hidden base, unloading supplies and meeting up with a few more friends.

Earth Prime Present

While in the present, on the PAX, Lenneth convenes another war-council. It’s decided that in a few hours they will engage Death, using ranged capabilities in conjunction with the the PAX, the Aquarius, and the Spirits who have traveled over to pummel Death and weaken him before additional groups are brought to bear. Members being offered the chance to opt into Armor or Gear to use against Death and weaken him until his armor appears; at which point the PAX will unleash every tidbit of energy that it can and hopefully destroy the Spirit.

They have only a few hours before the Gears will be ready for use.

Minis: The slums have much damage due to Hope's plan to attack the sewers, with severe structural damage and quakes, but due to the amount of damage, the group hopes Death suffered severely. They move to Twilight's penthouse to recover and rest, with the teams getting to know each other more and try to decide what to do next as they recover. And with Miyuki in a crystal watching them disapprovingly. On the asteroid base in the future, Isis' team prepare and talk, with Mykel and Kellin knowing who each are know. Isis makes several snarky remarks about how that could effect Mykel's birth. And in the past, the spirits prepare to help the team for their attack in a few hours.


TAW Session 23: Death of Everything Part VI

Warren has completed the new Gears for the battle with Death, transporting them en masse to the PAX’s hangar deck; the gathered combatants quickly settling down to business and getting ready for the upcoming fight. In medical a different type of fight occurs, Isis steadfastly puts her foot down and forbids Shion from being the bait for Death; this leaves it to Lumi who is still mourning the shriveled state of her lovely tail. In the Bridges of both the PAX and the Aquarius preparations are made for unleashing their full arsenals against Death when he shows, Mireille powering the Aquarius Spirit Systems.

After 30 minutes of waiting the battle erupts, Lumi unable to escape from Death falls along with Rea who went to try and keep her safe, the entire area being blasted away by the combined onslaughts of both vessels in orbit. Five minutes of continuous bombardment using everything from conventional blaster cannons to Spirit-Tech cannons and Gravity Weaponry leaves a glassy field, Death stuck down to his knees as the Spirits Shade, Celsius, Undine, Volt and Salamander appear around him, Inari appearing nearby and summoning protective measures around the Spirits as they begin their own attack.

The Spirits weaken Death over the course of several minutes but not before Volt is caught and his core ripped from him, the orb getting knocked away before it can be consumed. As the Spirits begin to tire, the combined teams wearing armor and gears is ready for their turn; which begins with little fanfare…though fireworks and explosions are in great supply and all targeted against Death. The battlefield becomes an intricate dance of almost two dozen individuals focused on obliterating the Spirit of Destruction in their center. Foxfire, Beam Cannons, Railguns, Element’s and every trick in the book is brought to bear against the common enemy who is buffeted and blasted around; Death gets hits in against them, as well as a few cases of friendly fire that occur to save an individual’s life.

It’s not too long before Death has been knocked around and suffered enough to where his last field of energy falls, signaling the time for the combatants to clear the field and let Kaleb and Dias take over. As the majority of their numbers evacuate the wounded are shepherded along to receive treatment, while Kaleb, Dias and Hess start showing Death just why Weapon’s and their friends and families shouldn’t be messed with or challenged for supremacy. X joins them before long and Death is brought to its knees, revealing it to be none other than Xevil before the final blow lands and a well of Death Energy begins to form and threaten to expand without limit. Using a bead from Inari, Kellin, X and Dias unleash last ditch blasts at the center; containing Inari’s link to her life as a Goddess it cancels out the death energy and leaves the combined forces to lick their wounds and tend their injured.


Session 124: Death of Everything Part VII

While injuries are tended and mourning is held for those who have fallen against Death, the PAX starts investigating the rifts to see where and when they lead. Using drones they are able to, with a bit of sexual innuendo, pass through the rifts and start determining that there are rifts open to the future as well as the past; and astonishing enough, there are images sent back of a past PAX where Kaori, Hess and several others are seen.

In the past, they witness the battle where Centerpoint is destroyed and sucked into a black hole, but an unfamiliar vessel sits undetected behind some nearby asteroids. While Dias and Hale are given headaches with tenses, a plan is made for several members to go into a rift leading back 40 years.

Future Earth Prime
Isis, Unit 6 and the Future Team gear up for infiltrating the moon base and finding out details on the Hooded Bone-People. Kellin doing the piloting since nobody else is qualified, Saoirse and Yulindhe merging to deflect the sensor readings directed at them. Inside the facility they discover a multitude of the Bone-People,the grunts, the priests as well as the warriors; performing some rite, they discover weapons that are able to pierce their armor-like skin, and even witness the creation of a portal using darkened centerpoint shards.

The teams bust into action and start singling out the priests and warriors while trying to salvage the shards. The Academy Unit finds that most of their regular abilities don’t work since they rely upon magic, causing those who have abilities similar to those of this reality to come in handy. Through the fight however, several of the priests get sucked into the portal after a shard is activated and begins pulling them in like a vortex. As they attempt to secure themselves, Kellin is sucked into the portal; when it closes shortly afterwards, it’s remarked that they know where Kellin has gone and that the priest being sucked in may explain the origin of the religion itself.

Exploring the rest of the area they find something completely unexpected, a large statue with three god-like figures holding onto Centerpoint pieces; a humanish form at the bottom, a kitsune in the middle area and a Famfrit like one at the top. On a hunch, Isis returns to the body of one of the remaining priests; cutting out its heart results in the body morphing into that of a fox. Unsure what exactly this means, they head back to collect more of the weapons that can be used against the Bone-People.

Kumen – Corporate Apartments
Despite blasting Death into the sewers, there’s been no remains recovered; the Tech Crew along with Zephyr and her company are resting and trying to figure out whether Death can actually die or not while a few injuries are seen to. As they consider this, news that another crack has appeared on Miyuki’s Crystal shock those present; unaware that in Prime Lumi has just been killed. Chelsea, being loved on by Bonnie, realizes that she feels something peculiar to the north in Quad 2, glowing with spiritual energy; pulling up maps they realize that another rift is in that area of the Colony and everyone scrambles to gather their gear and pile into another Shuttle.

When they arrive they witness Death at the edge of the rift, before they can do anything it leaps into the rift; Asarar piloting the shuttle takes them in after it.

Minis: Chad and Warren continue to document the various rifts, working their way through them and learning what is in each. Shade, having a hole in her, gets aid from the Elwyns, to heal herself. Isis begins to comment that her army is coming soon while consulting the head and Ama comes down and gives some verification to Isis' story after inspecting the head, commenting that Miyuki should have turned into a fox after she died.

Dias and Kaleb, meanwhile, are celebrating their victory over beating Death and Athena gives Dias a huge credit line after getting a rare gem. Hi, meanwhile, comes out of her catatonic state and begins to help with the family again, making it up to Rachael first of all.

Erevis slowly wakes up from her coma with her family around her, weakly struggling to become useful, and begins to put the finishing touches on the Goddess Armor for Ama.



TAW Session 24: Death of Everything Part VIII

Earth Prime Orbit - PAX
Preparations are finished up for a group to travel through one of the rifts to the “Year of Pain”; Kaori, Hess, Vestia, Kellin, Orihime, Reikana, Dias and Kaleb using one of the PAX shuttles to enact the passing. After they leave Lenneth goes over additional images from various rifts, stopping on an image of another world with a Crystal-spire like city; Aquarius crew recognizing it as the Kumen colony, the decision quickly made to send the Aquarius through to investigate.

Earth Prime – Future
After returning to the flooded Earth they’re at a loss for how to enact the next phase of their trip, Isis’s attempt to turn Mykel into a submariner is foiled, and Aschae directs them towards where she feels a disturbance in the world itself. With Isis feeling her wife on the other side that’s the only proof needed to send the Academy team through the rift, while Aschae decides to follow along muttering about ‘her love’ and ‘her world’; a bet arising to see whether she inadvertently erases herself.

Earth Prime - Past
Encountering a flock of birds immediately after coming through their rift, they’re forced to land before heading for the Hub of the Suisen Empire. The shuttle grounded, the group falls back to using the Suisen Civilian Transport vessels take them up on Hess and Ori’s dime; getting through the PAX’s checkpoints they start heading through the ship, Vesta going off on her own immediately and disappearing inside a particular office while everyone else tries to catch up. Stepping out of it with Vesta in tow is Darien Starr who calmly approaches and deposits Vesta, along with Necia, stating that he doesn’t like time travel, he arranges a guide for them…Marcus arrives to be a good pointer dog for them.

Earth Prime Orbit – Aquarius
The Aquarius makes its way to the rift leading to the future of Kumen bearing several guests, as they pass through they register activity at another rift; Isis and the Academy team has arrived and are brought aboard the PAX only to find that Miyuki’s head is missing.

Minis: During all this time, Vyvy and Necia have been missing, thrown back into Kumen's past about 13-14 years. Surrounded by masked men in one of the Corporate Towers, they grab young 1 year old Necia and insert a shard into her eye. Before they can take Vyvy and Necia, Vyvy grabs the child and jumps off through the glass window and begins to fall dozens of stories, thankfully landing on a roof with a pool, the impact knocking her out. She awakens with a young woman tending to her injuries, and she learns that she is in an upper level building of a prominent business owner and this is his wife. A very pregnant wife. After a bit of time, to Vyvy's shock, it is the mother of her first love and pilot. The mother thinks that Vyvy is Nagisa's mother and she helps hide Vyvy by putting them on her employ.

A happy few months pass with them working directly for her, until the woman dies during childbirth, which sends the husband into depression and ignoring his young daughter, leaving it to the maids to take care of. During this time, the woman had changed Vyvy and Nagisa's identities, giving them chips - changing Nagisa's name to "Vyvy" and Vyvy to something else, to help hide them. Slowly, young Vyvy becomes playmates with the daughter, and Vyvy works as a protector. And it turns out they are in Sector 5, and Vyvy had fallen from the Corporate HQ, linking the owner to the masked aliens.

Years pass, until Vyvy can feel Shade pulling for her in the bond, using her spiritual power. And since there's only enough power for one, Vyvy is yanked back while young Vyvy is left behind, but that is how history was meant to be. Vyvy growing up with her pilot, becoming her protector until people come after her again..


Session 125: Death of Everything Part IX

Earth Prime Orbit - PAX
The leadership of the Spec. Ops Teams and the Suisen Empire are considering how to proceed with things given a second Isis’s presence and apparent obsession with going back to stop Death before it can kill Miyuki, the only option currently on the table to prevent the knowledge gained from disappearing is for a limited number of people to swallow an uncorrupted Shard. There is some speculation that this may not be enough; Lorelei though has already taken one and started to exhibit signs of gaining her future angelic glow.

Past PAX – 10-592??
Kaori and her team are guided along through the PAX to observe a meeting between Kane and Erevis, passing by Iceheart and Elwyn while they keep their kitsune members hidden. They flirt and fluster their way past Drasek and a security detail, despite claiming to be a school field trip, and sit to watch the end of the meeting and see Kane move off down a hallway while Kaori is hunted by a miniature Deus Ex Machina by the name of Lorelei. Once the baby is picked up by the current Cheryl, the team heads off on a hunch to follow after Kane; suspecting that his disappearance and replacement is about to occur.

When they find the room that Kane has retired to they find that the current EarthGov President is actually in the process of being stolen away; his replacement already in the room along with several masked individuals who are bearing a bound up Kane towards a portal. Without considering much, Necia, Angel and An’Mi attack the masked individuals, leaving both the replacement and the real Kane. Grabbing the real Kane the group makes a quick exit also taking with baby Lorelei and causing Cheryl to start hunting them.

Once they’ve returned the baby without raising suspicions, the group decides to head off to Kane’s personal shuttle in order to make it back to the rift before it closes; pushing both Marcus and Kane into a travel bag and heading through a ripple back down to the civilian store area of the ship, a short detour is made when Hess grabs a couple of Collector Editions of a certain game. When they arrive in the hangar they’re attacked by several more of the Masked individuals appearing from another rift, another desperate fight ensues and Marcus is stabbed by one of their weapons before the Masked individuals are taken down and the shuttle makes its way out.

Kumen Space – Future
The Aquarius comes out of its rift in the space near its home port of Kumen, the colony replaced by a giant Crystal City; as the crew adjusts to the changes they are hailed by a broken message asking for help and mentioning crossing through a rift. Having to use the Spirit Drive, the crew deftly avoids encountering potential hostiles before landing in what used to be the lowest levels of the Colony and hiding there.

Earth Prime Orbit – PAX
The Isis’s are gearing themselves up in traditional fashion, grabbing some of the most powerful weapons they can find and squabbling over who gets to wear the cat-ear and tail combat suit. Gathering the team together they board another shuttle before heading towards a Rift that seems to lead to a time close to where Kaori’s team is, but a few months later.

Earth Prime – Past
Zephyr brings the shuttle out of her rift in the middle of the night, scanning around the area and curious about the timeframe; realizing it’s early in 10-592 brings a look of shock. Death can kill Miyuki and Kasha both without any resistance if it attacks them while they’re still in the stasis chambers located beneath the gardenbehind Cheryl’s Mansion.


TAW Session 25: Death of Everything The Conclusion

Cheryl’s Mansion – Underground Base
Warren, Chad, Megumi and Jennifer are conversing when a shuttle comes out of the rift that Kaori’s team had gone through; with flame accents and shag carpets Kane’s personal shuttle has arrived. Marcus is dragged off to medical to start treating the poison in his wounds while the others start to relay just about everything that occurred. Before they can depart to unwind, Warren offers them the opportunity to head after Isis and assist with a second Death takedown; several of them jumping at the chance.

Kumen – Future
The Aquarius crew plus Tabetha, Angelos and Ethan make their way through one of the lowest tier areas below the Crystal City that replaced the Colony; the detention space they’re in housing many of the races that were originally in the Colony. As they make progress towards the signal origin they have to constantly avoid patrols of the Bone People; inside a building they find a false bookshelf that leads down to a hidden basement and a room holding almost a dozen people. Their leader is a girl who appears to be 18 named Kitten who is the daughter of Sen and Tora; while there are questions that want to be asked, a recording is played for them that reveals that only those who have been touched by a Reality Shard will even have a partial memory of any of what has occurred.

Earth Prime – Past
In the garden behind Cheryl’s Mansion a battle erupts against Death; Asarar, the Tech Crew along with Zephyr and her team unleash on him before a shuttle arrives from another rift. Surprising them with not one but two Isis’s stepping out to battle Death along with the Academy team, despite targeting the Spirits that came with Isis they’re able to keep pummeling Death until he begins spewing death energy. Nearing the point of exploding he’s raised telekinetically into the air by both Isis’s and Mykel in order to get sufficient distance before Zephyr, Angela, Hess, Kellin and Si’Chii unleash attacks in conjunction.

With Death destroyed, the teams race to return to their respective worlds and timelines.

Kumen – Future
Kitten continues relaying the facts to the Aquarius team; how the Masked Bone People attacked and forced the Aquarius to flee, the takeover of the colony and eventual reformation. When a sudden crash interrupts, they’re forced to head out immediately; their time has run short and Mirielle is forced to pilot the ship to pick them up before they head off to the rift while Airym uses a dark shard to protect the crew from reality ripples.
Each of the teams, members and friends get through their portals; except Aschae…who might be lost from the Future of Prime, having tried to recover some random future that she had barely vague memories of in the first place.

Warren amongst others ponders the loss of four days before he remembers the facts of what occurred, working with others to record the facts while Kane adjusts tosuddenly finding himself 40 years in the future and Marcus wandering around unknown to others.

On Geyze the wedding reception continues on through the night without incident, the attendees in high spirits as they celebrate and enjoy the company of close friends and new family members.

The Aquarius command crew considers a need for a vacation, though not sure why.

Note: You might want to check the logs, summary leaves a lot out.


Session 126: Death of Everything Epilogue

Geyze – The Academy
Unit 6 is relaxing while Shion and Miyuki discuss a new addition to the team, Unit 11 having suffered injuries recently and several of their members getting reassigned. Sylph teases Ellie with the key to her underwear drawer, Talia claims Gwen as her betrothed, Sasha gets embarrassed about an old party that Eve threw; after signing off and meeting with Miyukie Unit 6 gains Simon. Gwen gets a temporary reprieve from being married off when he decides to follow Amazon tradition and slay several monsters to prove himself a man…or ‘woman’ as the tradition calls for.

Kumen – The Club
The Aquarius crew is gathered along with the Clubbers, sharing stories, drinking, dancing and singing while Erica, Yuki and Cookie try to remember where Kitty has disappeared off to. Asarar takes Airym out onto the floor and gives her a dancing lesson that borders on the intimate; while Riki and Wolfe share a special moment when a ring is presented, a new face enters the club about a meeting. Almost bungling his pass phrase, Logan is brought upstairs to be introduced to the team and questioned about his past before it’s agreed that Kira will put him through his paces and check him over.

Erevis and Lenneth look over scans of the Earth, musing about the subtle changes since the time-loop occurred and reset things; Leyaeh starting to work on plans for mass evacuations due to the increased reality quakes. Lenneth in considering the future issues decides to declare her own successor early, choosing Chae and promising that she will be ready to take over when the time comes. Ulieah wanders the PAX with two children in tow; a blonde girl with famfrit ears and an elven looking girl, Kaelin and Zeal.

Cheryl’s Mansion – Underground Base
Commendations are flowing from Warren for actions and battles that few remember; the younger members taking a team photo while X spends some time with Kitty. Due to the presence of the sprites anchoring her Kitty is experiencing some difficulties; Vodka and Jennifer perplexed on what is happening end up calling Ama and Inari. Kane spends his time doing an impromptu interview with Kiseki.



TAW 6: Post Death of Everything Minis

Post minis dealing with the TAW6 team, taking place after Death of Everything and before Session 26: Angels.