Parts I and II

The Alien Wars 6: Fall of Eden

Part III: Corruption

Arc One: Everything is Wrong

Chapter 1: A Spark of Hope

Chapter 2: The Ruler Convention

Arc Two: Crystal Future

Chapter 1: The Past is Writ

Chapter 2: Return to Crystal Kumen

Chapter 3: Future Imperfect

Part IV: Duality

Final Arc: Unite or Fight

Chapter 1: Hidden Mysteries

Chapter 2: Decisions

Chapter 3: The End

The Alien Wars 6: Da Capo

Timeline: Date: April 5th, 2180 - 1 month and 1 week since falling into this era

Session 176: Future Imperfect Part One

Location: The Hunter Station
Cheryl, Cassandra, Angela, Hale, Em, Liana, Freyja, Logan, and Durt find themselves thrown into the events of The Alien Wars 1, seperated from Em and then witnessing many key events that seem to be a little different from the events of the true TAW1, such as Iceheart and her Rebels showing up near Mega City and other stuff. Due to being lost, some of the team signs up to join be Hunters to get some previledges, assigned to join Death Star on the Hunter Station while a few join Iceheart and her REBELs. Liana, however, having gotten pregnant by Celes before being taken into the future by Destiny, remains in her room due to nausea, while the others help Death Star with the crisises coming up.

April 6th
The team joins Blackjack, Ariel, Justin Adams, Dakota, Dominator, Cross, and GenjiMan and goes on a mission, with Logan using his coat to steal a ton of tech designs. As they join the area grays a bit before snapping back, then of all people Spade gives them a mission briefing: he wants them to find REBEL and discover if they are committing crimes, and deal with the problem. After they leave, they are left unsettled due to who Spade is in their world. They find themselves in the wastelands, asking broken down reploids where the REBELs are located, since Reploids have been banished into the wastelands of nuclear fallout made by the battle of X and Zero in the world of TAW1. They soon find where the REBELs hideout is located and they find Iceheart, who talks to Death Star, trying to learn his intentions. During it, Angela - using Seraphna's memories from either a multiverse encounter that was close to TAW1 or the Classic Universe where Wind tried to remake this place - has tried to second guess what will happen since arriving in this place.

However, when they arrive in the base proper, they find most of the REBEL members dead by Garland and Hodges' hands with Garland holding Cheryl and Cassandra by the throats, sending Iceheart into a rage. She stabs Death Star with her ice pick powers, right into his core, while the team just stares in shock. Angela keeps muttering this wasn't suppose to happen yet as they battle Garland and Hodes while they try to heal Death Star and while they keep trying take Garland out, Angela keeps healing Garland, muttering he is not suppose to die, despite the fact Garland seems quite insane. Cassandra and Cheryl, freed, help put him down, with Cassandra firing a rail gun blast into Garland's head and removes it, stopping him. When it is over, Alouette seems to be the only REBEL member besides Iceheart who is alive still.

Hale mumbles that it doesn't matter, that it could be a divergent timeline for all they know, and Cheryl agrees, stating that Angela being there was likely meant to cause more problems. Iceheart lets Freyja protect Alouette, leaving for now to ge her head on straight, while the team listens to Angela state that they might have doomed them all, stating how she got the memories in an alternate reality Yggdrasil encounter. For now, they go and report what happened to their superiors.

April 18th, 2 months into this reality
Hell, Prison
The team is blamed for how the mission went out and with Death Star dead, the Hunter project is scrapped and CorSec put in charge; thrown into the Hell Prison, they are apparantly railroaded. However, they do find Em in there, who apparantly seems to have lost some of her wits from being in there for some time. Angela thinks that Wiendigo might be their ticket out, if they can find him, while Hale works on bringing Em out of her shell. As they near Weindigo's cell, however, Fate appears before them, to give them warnings. At hearing Angela complain about the memories, Fate removes the memories inside her head regarding this turn, dropping a crystal. When asked a question, Fate replies to them: If a woman goes left or right does the pattern weave two destinies. A thousand for each of the turnings? Is one real the others merely shadows and reflections? Cheryl surmises they are seeing the reflections/shadows of one of the failed turns, and how it came out.

Now the team ponders, if they bring it to an early end, do they die with it? Or do they need to reach a certain end point to escape. They debate maybe they need to find a way to break out of the turn and free Wiendigo, who sees more insane than ever, talking about eating flesh as he crawls along the shadows. Hale somehow pulls out gun in the prison, smuggling it in his butt, and shoots Wiendigo, driving him back, when Iceheart busts into the wall, helping them escape and get their explosive collars off, while Wiendigo escapes.

July 5th, 5 months in this Era
Location: Hunter Station
Back at the Station, they have Death Star back online, though most of their teammates are dead now due to CorSec's betrayal, though they did find a dragon eggcalled Seraphna, and now Wiendigo is loose on the world, eating Tsivrixsh and people alike. Alouette and Seraphna play with each other like kids, while Death Star seems to be a more brooding team leader, but at least Iceheart has joined the Hunters, helping them do missions, though secretly the team is trying to find a way to escape this failed turned. They get two mission options, to deal with CorSec/Cran or deal with the Mavericks who have a crystal. Needing a second crystal to escape, the team votes to handle that. Death Star heads off to deal with Cran with Iceheart, leaving it to the team, while Alouette says goodbye to Freyja, saying she feels this is the last time she will see her.

At the Maverick Base, the team faces Vile, who has crystal in his helmet. Flying around on his jetpack, he fires down at them from the safety of the sky. Working together, they manage to get the two crystals together, the team appearing back on the C'en Homeworld where they left last time. The sky has lightning flashes and rain threatens to fall, but they spot the same hill top, so Cheryl leads them to it, all them working their way up to the top. However, as they crest the top, they find a tree trying to grow - Yggdrasil.


Timeline: August 20th, 2200 - Month 2 since this team arrived in it

Session 76: Future Imperfect Part Two

Location: Fury
Dias, Tsukiyomi, Shion, Ren, Chelsea, Cypher, Sasha, Luci, Thara, Megumi, Daimon, and Simon find themselves stuck on an overcrowded ship where morale is low and the group is working at a cafe to try to make ends meet, while Tsukiyomi is depressed due to no moon. Megumi, who is fed up, marches out while there is an announcement that they are docking with Origin, a space station. While Tsuki talks to the air as if Ama is there, having consersations and having to be dragged along, they all try to sneak aboard Origin to learn more about their predictament, watching as a group of people that look similiar to Dias and John go past them. The team says he looks like the other Dias, so to prove them wrong, Dias steps out in front of TGC Snipe, Eve, and Dias, though neither Dias sees the resemblence. As the group is forced to reveal themselves, they come clean with their predictament about wanting to get to their world and needing a lab.

Megumi and Eve have some banter, Megumi noting she isn't like the Eve she knows, and she mentions she was once a demure scientist until a science experiment made her able to control plants. Tsukiyomi perks up being there, showing signs of life being there finally. Eve lets them use one of her labs to learn how to get back home, and Megumi notices John seems to be stick, carrying him off. Two days later. Megumi has apparantly begun work on repairing John's DNA and Daimon studies the lolipop she gave him, when they notice some commotion. A Tsivrixsh named Shretrav has gotten onboard and is using Eve's plant powers to control the male crews to do her bidding, but they manage to send her on the run, where Luci and Max bond fuse, wrecking the prototype mech she was stealing, killing her.

August 25th
When they see the other Dias training Eve, the team becomes interested, so John and Dias agree to teach them how to use Gears. They train until the 29th, where John feels good enough to take them out on live training exercises. Along the way, TGC John and Dias learn of a situation with their having returned, so they head to face him, passing through a cloud showing various possibilities to the group of other turns that they could have lived through. As they emerge, TGC John battles Death Star while TGC Dias battles the Tsivrixsh, allowing TGC Eve to be their guide toward Centerpoint. They manage to land on an outer elevator and exit their Gears, stepping onto an elevator. It takes them to a chamber with crystals and they find Xevil; after pocketing the crystals, Dias launches into an attack, and the team is forced into a battle with the recurring villain. They manage to cut his knees out, then remove his head, while Simon takes the extra crystal shards as Dias sends them back home.

They arrive on the C'en Homeworld, with rain and red lightning storming, heading up the hilltop in the distance, seeing the TAW1 group up top there staring at something. As they arrive, they see massive roots and a tree growing taller now, as well as a hall of mirrors. It seems Yggdrasil is growing while each group is away.


Timeline: May 20th, 2222 - 1 month here

Session 177: Future Imperfect Part Three

Location: Ire's Joke Unit Base
Marcus, Chad, Zephyr, Syiean, Erevis, Kira, Erica, Kasha, Mykel, Ceilia, Alita, and Ash found themselves on a strange version of Earth that has reploids and other strange paranormal, but homeless, so they took to taking jobs and other odds and ends to survive. On that end, they ended up being hired by Warren Carmichael during the events of TAW3 but his unit fell out of favor while searching for President Slasher, becoming the Joke Unit, and are not stuck to helping him and his personnel, Colephantus and Dias, solving cases while Kira, since she is pregnant, has taken up becoming the team's cook. However, a friend of Slasher's family, Katrina Starr from the ship Aquarius, arrived to aid in the search.

While deciding on what case to handle, Kira receives a letter from the seriel killer Ghoul that she is his next target. They discuss it seems Ghoul enjoys sending targets letters to warn them, then killing them 24 hours, even if he has protection. After informing Kira, they decide to move her to the Aquarius, which is a smaller version of Erica's ship, and does not have the spirit tech, figuring they can protect Kira better on the ship compared to the Unit's HQ. Having emptied the ship of crew, they decide to make a last stand on the bridge, with Marcus flirting with Katrina, embarrassing her. They work on making the bridge sealed, and wait - and with 4 minutes before the deadline, nothing has happened. Then suddenly the ship's power goes off and they hear singing outside the bulkhead door. When the beeping for the deadline begins to end, they think they are fine, when a hand reaches up to drag Kira under the floor of the bridge, despite the crawlspace being barely enough to move; they fire and drive him off, seeing blood left behind. Then they hear the sound above moving, a skittering noise, and he begins to try so skewer Kira from the ceiling before they drop it down and handcuff him.

Though there is reports that Ghoul is dead, making it sound like Ire later executed him - did he? - Cole has arrived from his assignment elsewhere to give his report. Apparantly the reports on the 5th Column - the nazis they are tracking - might be in Europe now. Syiean and Katrina, having made friends over the weeks after a duel, asks that she come along on the mission due to her strength; for her part Erevis has been avoiding the young red head, due to the fact she has an Emerald Sword, too, but for now the young Katrina feels she will serve them better at the HQ. They seem to be after the leader, Senreich, so they set out for London, to meet with the new Prime Minister.

Marcus flies them to London, making Erevis confess to everything she can think of the entire 15 minutes, but they land safely without incident. They talk a bit but after being found out resort directly to attacking the group, and drop them quickly. Sending the data to Katrina at the HQ, they learn it is fake IDs, so they head to meet the Prime Minister. They seem to try to trip him up, as well as other tricks, while giving them drinks. However, most refuse to drink it and Syiean spits it all over the wall, making the PM go into the back room while Katrina informs them the PM has a birthmark on his right arm. Alicia cures Syiean of any poisons in her system as he returns with the towel and Ceilia tries her phermones, finding it ineffetive on the PM. As Marcus tries to go into the back room, he finally just flips him and Ceilia into the back room, revealing the tied up real PM, and pulls off his mask, reveealing Senreich, a burn corpse of a man that has tubes and other stuff that keeps him alive.

Using a staff, he blind flashes them as some of a flame pillar burns Senreich, escaping. The team manages to keep from letting the door escape, and find Senreich holding a detonator and stepping into an elevator, threatening to let it go off if they follow. The doors close and Syiean clips a few wires, while Cole and Ash teleport in to try to tackle Senreich, but he pushes the button; having not cut enough of the wires with her abilities, the detonation sequence begins. The ones on the floor have to run and escape, leaping out the window and falling onto stuff below, with Zephyr and Erevis hurt. The teleporters bring Senreich down, but Ire seems to be missing when they learn Ire died protecting some civilians from the explosions, and is now dead; Talia quietly stealing the leader's gun.

1 week later
With Ire dead and Colephantus now the boss, the Unit is no longer the Joke Unit and is once again getting real jobs to do for the military. At the same time Erevis thinks they know how to get the team back home, they learn where President Slasher is located. They decide to do this one last mission, going to Alaska where President Slasher is located, making Erevis realize this is not the proper Turn, with how Ire died and Slasher apparantly being there. As they enter they find what looks like President Slasher's hidden get away base with a couch, chair, holovid and more. As they step in they see Slasher in the middle of an impossible, yet pleasureable, sex move with the TAW3 Cheryl, both frozen in place doing it. Seeing them like that, Katrina just walks off, leaving them there like that.

Erevis explains once they are all back and together they need Katrina to use the other Emerald Sword, and if they use it together, they should be able to return. But since Katrina is not experienced, she cannot predict if she will be okay. She agrees and Colephantus stays with her, the two holding onto each other as the two red heads hold their blades together, opening a rip in reality to return to the C'en Homeworld. However, the feedback makes Cole and Katrina vanish in smoke, apparantly erased. Erevis takes the other Emerald Sword guiltily, but notes it echos with the other Katrina, so there is still a chance; they work their way up the hilltop to the other two groups. There, they find Yggdrasil is growing even larger.


Timeline: Around Season 15 of TAW4 - Few Weeks Here

Session 77: Future Imperfect Part Four

Location: Their Hotel
Kitty, Taiga, Katrina, Reikana, Miyuki, Mem, Isis, Ellie, Drasek, Robb, Cel, and Jennifer are up in a hotel room when Taiga presents them with suits and dresses. Apparantly in this era Paladin might be in charge, but she also earns that it might be a failed turn according to what Destiny said of the previous 99 turns. She notes they need to find their way back, and at this point there is not a lot of options to come back, so they need to becareful lest they mess anything up that might potentially mess their parents meeting up, assuming it is the proper turn. Led onto the base, posing as new recruits, they find a drunk Cheryl who leads them into the offices, where she studies Miyuki's tails quietly. After studying each of them, as well as Taiga, since at this point Chii and Freyja should be the last kitsune, she studies Jennifer, going as far as to pull on her cheeks, she overrides Paladin and says they are in.

2 weeks later
The team has continued to search for Billy, figuring the young Dark One can be their ticket out of there if they find her; however so far they have had to deal with Ridiariums and other crisises that have done on during this time period. They learn about an Ultimate Weapon that has shown up, attacking Paris, so they head out to deal with it, arriving to find the Effile Tower all twisted up like a pretzel. At first Kitty hides her face as the team reveals their powers to TAW4 Marcus and Dias, trying to subdue X, fighting to bring her down. When it becomes clear X is in trouble of being injured, Kitty ripples X away, drawing her attention to the daughter of X. They begin to fight when Cel shocks her from behind and X falls face first in front of Kitty, vowing vengence.

Back at the base, X is in a cell, eyeing Kitty and staring she smells familiar, unaware she is her daughter. Kitty gives her a pep talk and gives X some heart to heart, without revealing their connection, before leaving. The others mean while cheer up Ellie, who does not have Sylph and is still depressed after the Warrior King's revelation. Paladin refuses to give them leave for another month, but Cheryl seems to look the other away, allowing the team to sneak off to Tokyo, where they believe Billy is located, since Taiga remembers that is where Erevis is at right now.

Isis looks around her childhood home back when it was a smaller japanese house before Erevis, Megumi and Ama began to add onto it like a mansion. They watch Erevis walk by pregnant talking to someone, so the team hangs back, then they spot the Billys. They watch them have fun with Megumi with their instant-transmission and as they move off, one of the Billys has remained with the group, realizing they do not belong here in this time. After talking for a bit, Billy returns them to the C'en Homeworld after jump starting Reikana's powers, her dark power circuits appearing and tail, and deletes the memory from herself.

They arrive at the hilltop with the others and see the Yggdrasil is now towering in the sky, where red lightning and rain is falling. It is now massive and overshadowing the area.


Timeline: 10-592.3.? - 1 week since here

Session 177: Future Imperfect Part Five

Location: The Past on the PAX.
Hess, Kaori, Ren, Yuki, Asarar, Josephine, Jelly, Vyvy, Max, Kane, Xanatos, and Cookie find themselves on the PAX of old during TAW5, during the year when so much changed history for everyone involved. They have discovered the Dark One/Hybrid are still alive, despite Scar's group back in TAW4 being killed off, and seem to be trying to remove key members of the PAX and replace them, as well as inject their bodies with some dark substance. Hiding in Kane's suite They surmise that in their time these shapeshifters might be causing the current changes to the 3 major powers, such as working together and Yashna being replaced. They review what they know and formula what they know about the time period, preparing what to do next.

Fate appears to them, warning if they change too much, they will give Destiny his bad turn and he will score 100 turns, winning. They also notice SpOC is around, talking to people, suspecting her. However, at this point, they have already interfered, saving Marcus from an incident that should have killed him in his kitchen, after the Hybrids posed as him to make it look like he broke up with Katrina, then destroyed the bar; the plan being that he would die in the bar, but they got him out in time. They see her meet Shiva for a secret meeting, talking and leading her away to talk privately. When Vyvy rushes after them, things go gray and twists, making everyone nauseous. They attack Shiva, revealing she is a Shapeshifter and alarms go off. They drive it off and take SPoC since they have changed things, retreating before security shows up.

They fill in SpoC when she recovers, and go to Caduceus, letting him test the blood since at the point Weapon V was the best doctor. He anyalsis it and gives them the results to aid them in knowing more about the hybrid. Over the next few days, they witness the shapeshifters pick off people like Xanatos and Kellin, removing them, while the blood is examined. Then finally, they head to Earth to deal with the taking of Kellin, they arrive to learn what happened with Kane and his daughter. They confront the Shapeshifters, which leads to Anniversary 19 where both the C'en and Shapeshifters wanted President but the kids got to him first. Stopping him before he can get to his target, the damaged Hybrid fights them and when defeated, vows that he will get revenge on each of them for foiling them, pointing to Kane as his primary target. They also learn they try to infect their target after getting Marcus' blood back, needing to get back to the present to cleanse him before something bad happens.

Going to Cheryl since she has Prime Reality Powers, they ask to be sent back and she complies, and Kane asks for her to make logs of his daughter to be recorded and sent to a private e-mail so he can watch her grow up. After sending them back, Cheryl erases the knowledge, as not to mess something up. As the teams are reunited, with the tree now gigantic behind them, Destiny and Fate appear behind the teams. In order to give them one more test, he taps into the power of Yggdrasil, scattering them one more time into parts of the tree, seperating them into groups they are not used to being in.


Timeline: 10-637.10.12

Session 78: 20th Anniversary - Future Imperfect Conclusion

Location: Yggdrassil - Large Tree Branch
Vyvy, Gem, Ellie, Rain, Delgi, Lenneth, Sasha, Alita, Ceilia, Maeryn, Simon, Celeritas, and Umi find themselves teleported somewhere on Yggdrasil together, with the others missing. The Summoner powers of the group notice their summoning powers are gone, leaving them wondering what is going on, but they decide to continue onward. They surmise since the Spirits are made of the shards, they might be in danger and vow to rescue them. Reaching the trunk, they see the faces of some of the spirits like Shade and Gnome, absorbed into the wood in horrorfying expressions. With Rain strangely getting paler, for a Vampire, and monsters appearing, they see mirrors appearing, and leap into them to escape the waves of monsters appearing, hoping it might lead to the spirits.

Asarar, Ymir, Ortora, Luciana, Maxmillion, Wolfe, Chelsea, Jelly, Logan, Myria, Hope, Ylva, SpoC also appear on another tree branch, when Fate appears to give them a warning. She lets them know she kidnapped a few of the more helpless group, keeping them up at the top of the tree. The group begins to climb up the branches, they see bugs carryin Celt, left behind by the previous group, and rescue her. Reaching the top, they find the women, such as Cypher, Riki, and others, hanging there or tied up, with their guard being the shade of Maxwell Terran, brought back by Destiny. The team battles him and kills him for good, rescuing the women and finally reunited with them.

Location: Yggdrasil - Tree Trunk
Taiga, Ren, Yuki, Airym, Reikana, Erica, Kaori, Hess, Chad, Cookie, Kaylin, Saorise, Necia, Gor, Kane find themselves seperated from the other team and pondering what to do next. With many missing their technology and machines, they feel down for a time, before Taiga suggests they find center of Yggdrasil where there should still be some of the Centerpoint control center for Airym to take over. They head down to find the root system, but along the way, swarms of bugs begin to come out of the trees to try to stop their progress. Unlike the other team, they do not opt to take the mirrors, and fight their way through.

Location: Ydddrasil - Branches
Erevis, Celes, Xanatos, Megumi, Ama, Liana, Mykel, Angela, Cass, Hale, Duritiam, and Syiean find themselves walking around, with Angela monologuing once more, despite Fate having taken her memories - Erevis ends up just pushing her off the branch toward the trunk to make her be quiet, though she just TK catches her before she splats. They spot the Aquarius a bit further down and head to it, when the shade of Legion emerges from the tree, trying to crush them once more. Due to the nature of Legion being a power house charger, they have to use Ama's mirrors to out fight it and battle it, though there is some damage that after they win, she has to heal with her goddess powers. However, during the battle, a mirror opened up during the fight and a woman was crushed during the fight and the team nearly didn't notice if it wasn't for Celes. They head on from the unknown person.

Location: Mirrors
Kito, Freyja, Mem, Pepper, Marcus, Ellie, Dias, Kitty, Sasha, Orihime, and Ash find themselves in a strange area, with some of the first group in there, as well of the missing people being this strange foggy area. Kitty peers into a mirror and sees if she took a path with life with Taiga, which is ironic since Taltga is there with her and she is from a turn where they did get together; Kitty seeing their children and what they would look like. Dias sees a life if he and X stayed together as well as if he applied himself and had the intelligence and smarts of TGC Dias and Kito looked into a mirror and sees Neekito alive. The one near Freyja shows Alouette, who she abandoned in the alternate TAW1 turn, being alone and lonely. Marcus for his part is holding the other Katrina's emerald sword that Erevis gave to as a memento and the glowing is leading him to a certain mirror. Ellie also sees a mirror with her female self from a previous turn that the Warrior King alluded to in their fight, looking unhappy.

Fate appears and warns that if they touch a mirror, they can bring a casuality to life, especially with the Emerald Sword in this place, or with Ellie's necklace, just as Freyja is touching the Alouette mirror. Freyja touches the mirror and Alouette is brought back, the mirror shattering and the area darkening. Sasha tries to keep Kito from doing it as well, stating she misses her as well and the two hug. At that moment the Hybrid blood in Marcus tries to take over, the sword and area going wild, but he manages to fight it, and they can see Katrina briefly in the sword as they hurry through the right mirror to escape, Freyja carrying Alouette out, promising she won't be alone again.

Location: Yggdrasil - Top Branches
Cheryl, John, Athena, Key, Chii, Miyuki, Jennifer, Tabetha, Kellin, Sunny, Josephine, and Rea find themselves so close to the top, Cheryl proposes they head up, on the grounds the big bad might be up top. Turning into a dragon with Chii, they give a lift for the others, flying upward. As they reach near the top, they find the Shade of Spade, which puts the team a bit off their game due to his ability to see into the future. They all work together, having to force him off balance when he fades into the shadows, using the mirrors and other powers of Yggdrasil when they over do his sight beyond sight and Kellin bustahs him into dust. With Spade gone, the group finds themselves exhausted.

Location: Yggdrasil - Fight to Reach the Roots
Taiga, Ren, Yuki, Airym, Reikana, Erica, Kaori, Hess, Chad, Cookie, Kaylin, Saorise, Necia, Gor, and Kane are joined some of those in the Mirrors trials, such as Kitty. With the two groups joined up, they plan for reaching the center, but with the root system now in the way, Erica and Yuki bond up to form a dragon while Cookie and Pepper make out to calm Pepper. Riding Yuki, they fly through the root system down to the center beneath, while Marcus seems uneasy, seeing the TAW3 Katrina at times next time. As they crash in, everyone goes flying, now through, allowing a passage way back out for those who can fly.

Location: Yggdrasil - Elsewhere
Vyvy, Jem, Ellie, Rain, Kito, Lenneth, Sasha, Alita, Ceilia, Mykel, Simon, Celeritas, and Umi find themselves after using climbing and mirrors of their own, at the spirits themselves. The Spirits are all bond and confined, so the group frees them, with Sylph and Ellie reunited and hugging, and Umi teasing Chronos with the servered vine after hearing the proud Time Spirit proclaim she refuses to be touched by the vines anymore. They learn the tree simply ate them when Yggdrasil was growing, much to Ellie's dismay. Vyvy goes dragon and they begin to ride her out when Rain begins to grab her chest in pain, collapsing on top of Vvvy. They learn that Rain's heart is beating again due to being near Yggdrasil, hence the pain and sweat, and seems to be suffering from the symptons of going through it. As they are flying and escaping, the Rogue Magi enemy attacks, making them do battle on top of Vyvy's back. They defeat it right as it was about to sycthe cut Vyvy's head.

Location: The Aquarius
Erevis, Celes, Xanatos, Megumi, Ama, Liana, Mykel, Angela, Cass, Hale, Duritiam, and Syiean reach the Aquarius and find a way in. Once inside, it light and powers up for them, finding Asarar's group approaching after rescuing the women up top from Maxwell Terran's shade. After that, Vyvy's group arrives, flying and landing, with their people coming into the ship, meaning all the teams are in except those down at the core below. They learn the crushed woman was Delgi, having been seperated from Sasha's group, and using her body to trip Legion so they could do the killing blow. Sasha takes it hard, falling to her knees, but the Aquarius medical equipment works to keep her alive while Sasha shares her mana, working hard to keep her familiar alive. They find Fate down in the hangerbay, warning that Destiny is coming for them and they do not have enough crystals for a casuality to stop him.

Yuki and Erica return from the root system to pilot the Aquarius, since it is their ship, and get it up in the air, while Fate looks weak at Destiny's approach and fades out lest she be discovered. They fly and pick up Cheryl's group at the very top as they put some distance from Destiny, giving the core team they need to take over the Yggdrasil systems. At the top of the tree, Destiny appears in the middle of a great storm and John leads the storm to avenge his wife, and the teams from both univeses, along with the Aquarius, does battle.

At the core, Taiga arrives to help Airym figure out how to reprogram the system. However the root system begins to fight back, making them fight to protect the hackers. As they drive them back they notice Cherry and Samson at the main computer, using the root system to try to keep them from getting nearer. They note that they plan to use the system to bring back their turn, making them match off with the previous turn heroes. Up top, Destiny declares he must go, sensing what is going down at the core, and states since Cassandra likes to blame eveything on Xevil, he will grant her wish. Megumi limit breaks him though we do not see if the damage hits, but 99 Xevils appear from previous turns, then combine into one Super Xevil. They strike with everything they have, with John holding onto him, only to be flung off. Angela saves him but gets his wrath, being crushed until she begins to get flung off with Xevil form the combined attacks. Simon fires an ice pillar as the two go down out of sight.

Down below, the other Katrina appears from the Emerald Sword Marcus is holding, distracting Samson. As Samson strangles Taiga, she orders Airym to reset the Centerpoint core, but Destiny appears at this moment. Despite the warnings from Kane and Chad, Airym goes with Taiga's warnings and resets Centerpoint to an earlier point when Destiny did all this, throwing them all out. Everyone finds themselves up top on the Aqaruius together again, minus Samson, but as the families and friends begin to say good bye, everyone begins to glow certain collars, blue and red, signifying the prime side and mirror universe side. Yuki panics, realizing she is not going to Erica's side but back to her home world, concentrates and grabs onto Erica, refusing to go home, much to Ren and Taiga's horror and forcefully changes her color to match Erica. Seeing what Yuki does, Cookie and others do the same, choosing to go back to the Mirror Universe as well. Kasha and Koiichiigo also return back to the Prime side, and Cherry and Taltga find themselves thrown back to that side. Tora and Sen are also chosen to return.

Location: Geyse
The three Geyze teams find themselves back at the Academy, but with Shion having been pulled to the Prime Universe, they are now without an Academy Headmistress. They seem drained, while Sasha sees to Rain and Delgi who remain in bad shape, the teams wondering what to do next. Due to the fact the teams applied wishing and using causality to try to beat Duality, or perhaps it is Fate, they have discovered a strange Compass after the battle.

Location: The Mansion
The team appears on the lawn of the mansion, where they see they have gained Shion from the other side, as well as Angela being okay, though her hand missing. Tora and Sen are there with their baby, looking disoriented as well. The alternate Katrina is there, looking lost, holding her Emerald Sword and due to the fact the teams applied wishing and using causality to try to beat Duality, or perhaps it is Fate, they have discovered a strange Compass after the battle. Freyja takes Alouette, preparing to take her home. But unknown to them, there is a crisis on PAX while they were gone.


Season 5

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