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The Alien Wars 6: Fall of Eden

Part III: Corruption

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Chapter 1: A Spark of Hope

Chapter 2: The Ruler Convention

Arc Two: Crystal Future

Chapter 1: The Past is Writ

Chapter 2: Return to Crystal Kumen

Chapter 3: Future Imperfect

Part IV: Duality

Final Arc: Unite or Fight

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Chapter 2: Decisions

Chapter 3: The End

The Alien Wars 6: Da Capo

Timeline: 5.9.6091

Session 136: This Is My Story (1)

A great deal can occur in the span of a single day, even more in the course of a week or a month; the sheer enormity of change on Kumen over the course of a century is beyond count. There are those who see the world around them as a cage crafted by invaders, and they have neither the power to affect things nor the Spirits to guide them. Still, no amount of change can suppress the inherent rebelliousness of youth much less the children of those who fought for their world…

5.9.6091 Mainland A ? Tech City Ruins / Capital City

In the old ruins of the Kumen Tech City orphans outnumber the adults and at one shelter for the young Seniga, Nell, the brother and sister LJ and Jinx, and Bix live their lives by scavenging bits and pieces for exchange on a daily basis. It’s on this day that while heading to the ruins to scavenge that they walk by an old rundown building, noticing movement from within its shadows LJ decides to attempt to make friends. In the shadows are three girls, two sisters Cherie and Bella and their friend Ruhi; instead of staying with Seniga continues on to a nearby scrap field.

Wanting to be left alone, the girls attempt to get the orphans to leave when they hear a crash from nearby; the field where Seniga went to search has collapsed in to a chasm below ground. There is found an old modified datapad and a fox-featured female encased in crystal; once Seniga is rescued from the pit, the datapad is found to have almost no surviving battery and Seniga and Jinx head back to the shelter to see to the girls injury while the others head towards an old broken down electronics store to find replacement batteries. After finding two power cells, the group (to include Bella who followed) is surrounded by six Legionaires who are apparently interested in having their way with the girls. Despite being younger and inexperienced, they fight off the Legionaires and are joined by another girl, Tenebrae, who demonstrates an ability to use the Shadows to affect things. Given the blood-racing exchange and with the batteries in hand, they head back in lieu of scavenging more; at the shelter the datapad is powered up fully and begins to play a series of several dozen pre-recorded messages from a woman directed towards her daughter.

It tells of the actions taken by several groups of friends and comrades on Kumen and Geyze over a hundred years prior. Names such as Miyuki, Max, Asarar, Luci and several others piquing the interest of the youngsters as they huddle around and listen. When the recordings mention a set of equipment that should stop the effects of the ‘invaders’ they set out to find the location; ending up in the C’En capital area, they have to be careful lest they get caught, however they find the location notated by the datapad and uncover a number of bracelets.

Giving some to Bella to distribute to her friends, the bracelets are passed around to those present; supposedly the bracelets will allow them to use their natural powers that have been suppressed. Seniga decides at this point that soon she will be leaving to find a Native City and hopefully from there the single surviving voice of resistance Kumen has…the Princess of Geyze. When Bella rejoins Ruhi and Cherie, they find that a shadowy cat has slunk in; Tenebrae has followed and decided to pay them a visit.


Timeline: 5.11.6091

Session 137: A New Story is Born (2)

Mainland A ? Tech City Ruins / Capital City
A new day has dawned for the young orphans and Seniga gets an early start with the other kids in tow to meet up with Ruhi, Bella and Cherie. Once together they combine all of the salvage they have but realize that they’re still only half-way to the suspected amount needed for counterfeit travel passes. Resigned to a last resort Seniga leads the youngsters towards the ruined tower while Ruhi heads to a black market pass maker. Making a quick stop at the hole that Seniga fell in previously they find that the crystalized woman Tora has been removed. When they get to the tower she reveals a hidden entry to a small living area with assorted items lying around; knives, old energy blasters, some maid uniforms and even old stuffed animals.

Gathering up a number of objects, to include a stuffed animal into both Nell and Jinx’s possession, Seniga leads them off to meet up with Ruhi at the pass maker. There, the black market merchant Dosco tries to overcharge them for passes, that is until Seniga shows up and puts a halt to his attempts; they also note the presence of a blue cat girl who seems to be spying on Ruhi. Getting their passes quickly once Ruhi has left, they get some additional weapons for defense purposes before heading back to Ruhi’s hideout. No sooner do they arrive there before they’re attacked by several ‘catchers’, individuals who kidnap girls to sell into the sex trade; their goal being Seniga, Ruhi, Bella, Nell, Jinx, Cherie and Tenebrae.

Fighting off the catchers, they quickly gather up supplies and extra clothes before meeting up at a gate leading out of the city; despite a knowing look on the C’en Guards face that he knows the passes are fake, he allows them to depart.


Timeline: 5.17.6091

Session 138: Crossing The River

Mainland A – Grasslands
Almost a full uneventful week has passed for the youngsters travelling across the plains, slowly beginning to test out their abilities and in some cases learn just what their abilities are. Today however they much contend with their first real obstacle, getting across a wide and rapidly flowing river. They find both a C’en pleasure vessel that makes the trip as well as a Native raft, hoping to avoid contact with the Invaders they head for the Native dock only to find a drunken boat captain and a raft that is so dry-rotted that it can no longer float.

Forced in to relying on the C’en for transport they’re informed that the counterfeit badges they have don’t have a high enough access for them to get aboard; their only option is to receive the patronage of a C’en that is boarding as well. Using Cherie as innocent bait to draw the attention of a young-looking female, they’re surprised when after only a couple moments of talk boarding passes are brought out for all of them. Ushered aboard they’re brought to what can only be called a VIP Suite; despite the youthful appearance their patron seems to have a great deal of authority.

While waiting for dinner they’re surprised yet again when the young C’en arrives in the room and settles in, removing her robe reveals a young human looking girl with long blonde hair and blue eyes who starts talking with and getting to know them, seeming to treat them like equals of a sort. When it comes time for dinner, the C’en girl heads out wearing a gothic-lolita type outfit; when the rest follow they’re surprised even further when their patron summons them to an open table garnering attention and looks of jealousy from C’en scattered around the room.

Talk of massages leads to discussions of sex and a completely flustered Seniga who seems overwhelmed at the talk and unable to ask any meaningful questions of the Blonde C’en. When dinner concludes they all head back to the room where Seniga is left reeling and unconscious while the blonde demonstrates what a massage is on Ruhi, citing that they’re all free to get a massage before the pleasure vessel docks and their trip together concludes. Before long though they’re interrupted by another C’en, a busty slightly older woman with white hair and eight writhing tails behind her.

“M” as she is called, gently chastises the blonde to ‘quit playing around’ and that her help is needed with something, ushering the blonde off for some reason and leaving the youngsters alone. Once they’re gone, Nell and Tenebrae seem to come quickly to the same conclusion, that “M” holds startling similarity to one of the people mentioned in Seniga’s datapad recordings…a kitsune named Miyuki.

When the boat docks, the kids all make their way off as quickly as they can, only to run into the blonde C’en waiting at the foot of the dock. Despite Tenebrae almost swallowing her in shadows, something that the blonde seems to feel closing around her but cannot locate before its completely withdrawn, they exchange a few words and both Ruhi and Cherie are given small presents. Understanding the nervousness between them, the blonde simply states that they’ll get to meet again…and that she hopes they can be friends. Leaving her behind the youngsters continue out in to the plains only to find that these now have actual plants and flowers that lend it a more beautiful appearance.


Timeline: 5.19.6091

Session 139: Princess of Geyze

Mainland A – Grasslands
Travelling towards a Native Village, with the blue-cat turned girl, the youngsters come across a small tower and several hoverbikes; when the tower is unexpectedly destroyed they’re forced to hide from “M” and a number of other C’en. Searching through the ruined tower Cloe unearths an arrow pointing towards what they hope is where the Princess of Geyze is hiding and broadcasting her radio signal. Nell, calling herself the ‘Full Metal Dragoon’, repairs the tower with her abilities before they head in the direction the arrow indicated; hoping they can get there before the C’en.

After continuing on foot for half the day they arrive at what seems like an un-natural mound in the grasslands and upon investigating (and Bix yelling “Hello!”) they ’re greeted by a woman’s voice. With a few words exchanged and admitting to looking for the Princess of Geyze, they’re allowed entry to the mounds interior where they come face to face with the Princess herself. Amidst what appears to be notes concerning conspiracies and objects from Geyze (and a couple of small sprites) is Selena Hapian-Windrunner. After discussing for a bit, and providing them with spirit-based augmentation stones for their bracelets, they’re interrupted by a large explosion…the mound has come under attack.

“M” is leading her group of guards into the mound, and the youngsters start using their newly acquired spirit-gems to block their advance and buy time for Selena to get ready to evacuate with them; Tenebrae taking the time to gather up a Gladius and the spirits is sighted by M and recognized immediately as a Spirit herself.

Having to fight off an enraged M, the youngsters pile on a flying transport that’s well past its prime before they safely get away from the mound. A few choice taunts thrown back at M as they leave her on the roof glaring at them.


Timeline: 5.24.6091

Session 140: Underground Resistance

Mainland A
The flying transport is literally on its last wings as Selena takes them over the Lake of Sorrows to a Native Village while Seniga having motion sickness hangs out the side. Catching a few fish and flash-frying and electrocuting a giant fish that was about to eat a fisherman’s boat before they crash land on the shore brings their trip to a jolting finish. Gathering their equipment and salvaging a few things from the transport they’re left wondering how to proceed after Selena goes to check with the Resistance Cell in the village; the gate having been closed after Selena had gone inside. Before they can consider another means of entry they’re greeted by the Blonde C’en who had helped them on the river crossing.

Deciding to help them once again and show them what the Native Villages are like, the Blonde forces entry and proceeds to inspect the village for any violations of C’en imposed laws against slavery or prostitution; the Blonde catching sight of Tenebrae brings about no change in her demeanor. Instead of standing to watch the inspection the youngsters make their way towards the local bar to meet up with Selena, and after a short back and forth find a hidden stairway to the Resistance Cell’s headquarters.

With only a bit of discussion between them they’re interrupted by the smell of smoke and the arrival of two Aurit girls, a Biotect girl and a Fauna girl who had been working as slave labor, the girls being sent down by the Blonde to gain the assistance of like-minded people…apparently the sleazy bartender had attempted to bribe his way out of getting into trouble for having slave girls working for him. The resistance leader recognizing the description of the Blonde C’en as one of their Elites brings question as to her motives, she would have been able to instantly recognize the Spirit-nature of Tenebrae and tried to kill her, but discrepancies aside they need to escape.

Letting the resistance take the lead, and the four girls, they split off; the resistance going along the beach and the youngsters with Selena watch to ensure their safety. After they’re out of sight Bix and LJ head out to check the area and meet up with the Elite Blonde who tells them simply that she’s not there to stop them.

Before they can safely make their way out of the area the Blonde has them hide and wait, another females voice can be heard talking with the Blonde; referring to her as ‘sister’ the Blonde seems to laugh off implied responsibilities…though it’s heard that M has been sent to the other side because she had failed. It also seems that the Blonde has been developing a soft spot ever since meeting a “Legendary” named Miyuki. It’s not long before the two C’en sisters voices are gone and the youngsters are able to move on, now though they have even more questions; and perhaps the need for Selena to use an alias.

Stopping to gather numerous disguises, they quickly take stock before continuing on towards a port city. Their goal is to head to Mainland C and keep looking for answers while also on the lookout for the whereabouts of some of the children’s parents.


Timeline: 6.6.6091

Session 141: Port Cities

Mainland A ? Port City
Having arrived in the Port City the youngsters have relaxed a bit while waiting for a transport that will take them to the Uminite controlled Mainland C, where they will start testing their abilities in combat against the C’en and look for information on their parents. While Selena goes to handle a few things before the boat departs, the others elect to stay together and avoid any potential problems that could arise by being in a smaller group. Eating a rather luxurious and extravagant meal compared to what they’re used to, they gather their belongings after a while and head to the docks.

At the docks they come across the Blonde Elite, but instead of wearing her usual white gothic outfit she is wearing black; and the demeanor she has suggests to several of the youngsters that this may be the sister of the Elite they’ve dealt with so far. As they get closer to the dock itself they pique the interest of the new Elite who demands their passes and while checking decides that Bella and Ruhi need some private questioning regarding the ‘Princess of Geyze’. With time running low, the girls are escorted to a nearby building where it requires some concerted effort to convince the blonde that they have no information for her.

Once the Elite’s curiosity is sated the youngsters move and join Selena, who had taken advantage of the Elite’s divided attention, on board the ship. After they have settled in to their rooms, they come together in Selena’s room to discuss the direction they’ll take when they arrive; offering them the choice to go do their own thing or continue with her as part of the resistance. Given the age of Cherie and Jinx, there’s some concern about their involvement; but parting either of the girls from their families would prove more difficult than might be expected. When that’s decided Selena reveals their goal; to attack an Uminite Research Facility that is used for the Zhen faction.

While the others start to relax, Selena pulls Ruhi, Cherie and Bella aside to talk; showing a picture in Cherie’s locket that was recently unlocked and repaired reveals pictures of her parents and surprisingly a half-sister whom Selena had even forgotten about. Cloe and Cherie are sisters; and like her mother, Cloe is a familiar who needs a pact in order to survive.


Timeline: 6.10.6091

Session 142: The Uminites Faction

Mainland C Port City
Arriving at the Uminite controlled Mainland C, the youngsters quickly make their way out from the city and to the countryside after avoiding random C’en offering conversion pamphlets. Once they’re well away from the city, and sure that they haven’t been followed, Selena decides it’s time to stop and practice. Breaking them into groups that are similar age-wise; LJ with Bix, Seniga with Nell and Tenebrae, Ruhi with Bella, and Jinx with Cherie, they’re told to spar.

LJ and Bix begin almost immediately while Nell, Seniga and Tenebrae move off to begin sparring a safe ways from the others; however Ruhi and Bella seem concerned that they’re trying to teach Cherie how to fight. Selena doesn’t yield though and sends the two older girls to spar while Cherie gets a pass for the time being and learning how her pact with Cloe works; Jinx staying close to Selena and monitoring all of the fighting and the area in general with her telepathy. It isn’t long before the fight between LJ and Bix ends, their combat abilities seem well matched; however as soon as the melee of Nell, Seniga and Tenebrae comes to a head with spirit powers being added to the fray, Jinx alerts them to the arrival of another’s thoughts in the area.

Selena and Jinx head off to find the source of the thoughts while the others start to return to where their gear was dropped, Tenebrae sporting a wild mane of fiery red hair after she activated the fire stone in her bracelet and the usual darkness spirit-aspect being replaced. When Selena and Jinx return they have with them an older looking Aurit lady who initially doesn’t want to talk, but with Tenebrae stalking towards her threateningly and Jinx being a telepathic lie-detector the Aurit finally starts revealing the truth. Spira, the friend / companion of Vyvy, has after almost a decade found her errant adopted daughter.

Mainland C
Having continued their journey for the past few days, they youngsters with Spira joining them, arrive outside of a large crystal tower that has a town nearby. Setting up camp, they start work on preparations to infiltrate the tower; but that will still be several days away.

Prime Reality Los Angeles
Outside of a sealed airplane hangar Lorelei puts the last locks on the doors, Ben and Hess in attendance along with members of Lore’s team as the Crystal Gateway they have found is locked away.


Timeline: 6.19.5991

Session 143: The Aquarius' Story

Two days after entering Light Speed to escape from the advance of the alien vessels, the crew of the Aquarius along with the Academy team has been trying to figure out their next move. Finally admitting that they don’t have enough information, Yuki suggests travelling to the closest planet of the inner system Crytok Empire; but getting there will cost them a great deal of time. Twenty years will pass on the outside while for them in Light Speed only four years will pass. The majority of the crew heads off to the cryo-chambers, only a few people remaining out in order to take care of things; Cookie staying out to help Jan during her pregnancy, Airym, Gor, Kaylin, Maeryn, Erica, Kasha, Qui and a couple of others opting to stay awake as well.

-.--.5996 ? Year 1 of trip
With a year of the trip down the crew has easily settled into its routines, Yuki hyper and running around, Cookie teasing with illusions while checking the mental health of people, Sylph training the Kumen spirits, Maeryn grumbling about synthetic meat, etc. While there’s a suggestion about a party Yuki whips out a length of rope and stalks after Erica and Saoirse with plans to make a baby now that Jan has had her own little one Bigby Junior.

-.--.6001 ? Year 2 of trip
Yuki is completely slothful while Cookie questions whether she can expect to become an Aunt or not. Qui continues to avoid people and training despite the loss of her leg. Erica tries her hand at painting, her muse Saoirse being absent.

-.--.6006 ? Year 3 of trip
Cookie starts trying to develop telekinetics by levitating plates of cookies…but doesn’t seem to have it worked out. Yuki spends her time completely naked between sessions with Erica and Saoirse. Maeryn trudges the hallways like a starved zombie-plant munching on synthetic meat and locked out from the cryo-chamber areas. Airym works on system upgrades to power production. Kaylin has hardly been seen at all…likely staring at the almost nude frozen body of Shion. Qui seems even more adamant about not accepting a prosthetic leg despite Kasha’s attempts to engage her.

-.--.6011 ? Year 4 of trip
After almost four years of constant attempts, Yuki has finally become pregnant; the others beginning to gather as the Cryo-pods start to defrost their contents. Members of the crew and the Academy team awakening after what feels like only a brief period. Kaylin seeming to be as interested in Shion as the day she went into cryo offering up clean clothes and directing her towards food while the others congregate on the bridge. Cookie has finally started to be able to levitate a single plate.

Crytok Empire ? Treasury Planet
The Aquarius arrives in orbit and after discussing what they’re doing, Cookie going all happy at ‘a heist’ and Yuki being told to stay behind to keep her and her baby safe, a shuttle is sent down to the surface. They’re met by crystal ships that force their landing, when the hatch is opened they are briefly interrogated by an alien in a containment suit before they lay eyes on Shion and immediately go rigid. Referring to her as ‘Elite One’ they seem to defer to her in every way, leaving the shuttle as quickly as they can and allow them to move freely.

When they arrive at the crystal tower they’re met by an orange skinned humanoid who, when ordered by Shion, begins to answer their questions. They are only able to get a bit of information when they’re interrupted, Maeryn being grabbed from behind and slammed face first into the stone floor; when they all turn they come face to face with a visibly younger version of Shion who simply states “If you don’t resist I will not end your lives. I’d hate to have to kill a legendary. Especially my own.”


Timeline: 6.22.6091

Session 144: Gateway (1)

Location: Near the Uminite Base/Lab
Selena, after letting the team train for a few days to prepare for the upcoming mission, warns the team that once they enter, there will be no time for others to come in and help as the alarms will be raised, so she allows everyone time to back out if they wish to do so now. Everyone seems up for the mission in the hopes they will learn the fates of their parents, so Selena tells them the three options to break into the base, after being interrupted mid-sentence by a pounce from Tenebrae. The team opts for the options of looking like a mix of Aurits and Umites, then proceed toward the lab. Selena and the others talk their way in and proceed to walk toward their labs; however, when it comes time to have their passes verify, to see if their passes match their races, which they do not due to their disguises, Tenebrae uses her spirit powers to tamper with the passes. That, however, cases an eletronic alarm to begin blinking. Selena tells the others to continue onwrd, while she pulls the Uminite off the side, pulling a weapon out.

Now seperated, the team has to find their own way through the Uminite base. They move to the second floor, where they come across a + shaped hallway. Debating which direction to go, they choose to go to the storage area, where Selena and Tenebrae catch back up before they arrive. While Cherie and Ruhi heal Selena, the team finds a few important items like the invisibility cloak that drains their life if they do not resist it, crystal shards, and more. After gathering what they need and learning how to resist the cloak, they use it to sneak up and steal the key from the guards and continue further into the base. There they find a room with a giant crystal gate that is shut off. The gate is more like a huge crystal ring, with the crystal made of a material more pure than anything they have encountered thus far.

As Selena boots up the computer and attempts to read the C'en on the computer, exclaiming she doubts that she can, the small blonde they have been encounter so far tells them not to bother trying since she can read it for them. They turn to find the blonde covered in sweat, having a red head with a collar with her. Cherie, the kind soul that she is, checks the blonde for wounds, though she tells her that she doubts she can heal her, despite there being a read smear on her back and her clothes being torn and dirty. Tenebrae questions her where Vyvy and Shade is at but she snaps that she doesn't have time for that right now, and that is being hunted, and to ask the red head; that despite being collared and supressed. Apparantly the blonde is doing it because "a cat and fox interest her". She explains that despite the spirits representing a threat, she decided to help because Miyuki the legendary asked her. And if they wanted to get to their parents they had to go through the gateway anyway and see for themselves. Lifted through the gateway, Cherry is carried through it with the others. Moments later after they go through, Cherry's twin, the Ariel copy stares in disbelief that her sister is helping them and smashes the Gateway controls.

Cherry leads them through the crystal passages between the worlds, telling them about how she was taught, that Tora, who created Geyze/Kumen was a parasite on the world, since they were created with crystal shards and with all the shards in one place, it meant the other world, the world with what she called the Legendaries she was based on, like Cheryl and Miyuki, was dying. It's why she was made to kill them. (it will later be proven to be partially false, that Cheryl and the other copies are not really copies - see Return to Crystal Kumen) As they are transported all around, upside down and other stuff, they soon reach a gateway, where Cherry says will take them to Centerpoint, but as the group is split up, Ariel sabotages the transport, sending them elsewhere.


Timeline: 6.22.6091

Session 145: Crystal (2)

The group is pelted by crystal shards upon appearing in the crystal dome, with Cherry being hit in the chest crtically and being flipped comically and landing roughly; many of the team rushing over to protect her. Cherie and Cloe are hit and are seperated immediately and then Selena and Bella are hit and slid roughly; Ruhi immediately rushing to protect Cherie as more shards continue to fly at the group. They can hear Ariel's insane laughter as Cherry warns them she is intending to knock them off course. A crack appears in the dome and they have to abandon Selena and Bella for now, hoping the two can find their own way back. As they hurry, Cloe is almost left behind and crushed, but Bix manages to save her just barely in time. They find a hologram of a woman who refuses to allow them access, except for Airym or another unit that has been sent to observe others in this ongoing conflict. They question the unit and figure out the Legendaries are all people who came in contact with the reality power - Wind, Cheryl, etc. and their children while pregnant, Shion, Taiga, Lorelei, etc. Finally, Cherry asks who the second person is that could access the power of the terminal, so they can get back on their quest. The terminal says they do not know their name but says it is based on Miyuki Nue's attribudes and DNA, and that she is a plump kitsune. In order to find their friends who are lost and get to their parents, they ask the terminal to open a gateway to the kitsune's homeworld. The leap through the gateway, carrying Cherry. After they go, the terminal muses, apparantly peering through the plump kitsune's eyes, if she will ever get to see yuri.

Date: 10-637.1.28
Location: Mobile Base

Warren, coming out of temporary retirement, informs Kaori that he wants to revoke her leadership temporarily because Hess went and infected herself the previous night and that he feels that Hess will want Kaori close by her on the Underground Base team; as well as likely making Kaori her temporary CO since Kaori is not a Weapon or Dragoon. The Mobile Team asks Warren that they think they should handle with so many of the team needing to stay out of it, and Warren informs them that Lorelei's team is handling Wyrd, and there is apparantly a thing with Godiva and something to do with her family. So he advises they look into incurssions from the other relaity. He leaves to take Kaori to the underground base; Tabetha pauses and scans her mind on his way out, and she sees it seems to be him. Back at the underground base, Warren drops Kaori off to check on Hess, while Jennifer and Myria work on the virus. The two battle it and do doctor stuff. The two formulate a plan while Hess and Kaori hold each other.

Cherry and the kids appear in the basement of a corporation that sells sex toys and other major things dealing with sex, lingerie, and more. Cherry talks her way past the guards, who think she is still on the C'en side, and once up in the lobby, she informs them how to use the technology on the Prime side. They look up Cheryl on this side and learn about her and her location, injured and on the PAX. The Nues also seem to be on the PAX currently, so the team decides to head there. Nell tries to search for information about Centerpoint, but the computer seems to have nothing on it. However, back on the mobile base, alarms to off alert them about the terms Nell entered all together, likely Centerpoint being the big one. The head in the direction of the sex shop, preparing for who triggered the key word search, and are surprised on who they find there: Sun VI is also there to see who triggered the words. The Sun VI destroys the corporation building then begins to follow a flying car.

The Sun VI mobile base, smaller and sleeker, chases after the erratic flying car, who seems to be driven by a person who acts like a person who has never driven before. Cassandra decides to head them off instead of chasing them, with Reese firing and damaging the base, slowing them down, then firing once more and forcing them to throw up their shields to avoid damage, allowing the car more time to put distance and them time to get ahead. As Seniga drives the car like a mad woman, the base blowing up the woods, the others learn their spirit devices are working her surprising and use it to protect themselves, as they begin to arrive at PAX City. The car goes crashing through the PAX Museum and near the teleporters; they rush and leap into the teleporters, teleporting up seconds before Vesta can grab them. She informs Cassandra of her failure and they inform the PAX, tracking the Sun VI mobile base in the meantime.

The kids run into the others and slowly begin to understand what is going on, and make headway. They offer some aid and medical help, in return for some information. Meanwhile, at the underground base, Ben seems to be having a mental break down, while Hess scribbles on Kaori, and a pager goes off, the PAX trying to get in touch with the team to inform them about the kids.


Timeline: 10-637.1.28

Session 44: Who is Kaori? (3)

Location: L.A
Lorelei's team peers at the results while Wyrd sits in cub form in a sealed room, looking depressed and withdrawn. Lorelei informs them that the virus from Wyrd is different, apparantly through air with her, while Dias' was with touch, likely due to Wyrd's ability. So far it seems the only one infected is Hope, so they have isolated her as well. The team splits up, some remaining to watch the kids and infected, while the rest go to make sure Dias doesn't do anything stupid. Meanwhile, back on the PAX, Zephyr knowing that Hope is infected and Kiseki might be in trouble too, strains to get on the teleporter to go back below, despite the others trying to keep her there - even if being infected might decrease her weakened lifespan even more. Tamara prepares to check the children out, shooing the older people out and teaching the children some new choice words. It also seems Tenebrae is on the ship, the family Godiva was talking about in the previous session, and they got here before they did with Salamander due to Ariel's machinations.

Tamara begins to scan each of the kids, and starts with Ruhi. Being the daughter of Riki and Wolfe, Tamara discovers she is the granddaughter of Cheryl and Miyuki. She also scans the aurit kids, saying they are their version of famrits it seems. Tamara puts the rest of the kids's scans up for them to study, while she moves onto Cherry. While examining her, they see she is made up of crystals, much like the so called spirits, but with a large crystal heart and bones. Likely to keep her heroic spirit here from a previous turn (see future sessions to see what I mean). While examining her body and seeing her cracked heart, part of her shoulder area goes red, and Cherry warns them they need to remove her from the ship, as she knows what they are doing and if she explodes, it can take out a large part of the ship. They manage to take out the crystal with teamwork together, healing the shoulder. Cherry claims she doesn't know who the she is, but she is alerted if things are talked about now and again. And that she wants to use Centerpoint and unite the worlds. (Either it is Destiny using Fate, or Fate using Destiny?) Tenebrae claims she thinks she defeated Ariel in the crystal passages, which allowed her to get here.

Location: Underground Base
Ao arrives in the Underground Base and wakes Hess and Kaori, talking to them through the glass. Informing them about the kids coming through one of the gateways they were hunting down, they apparantly need Kaori to activate a hub to help them save their parents and Miyuki on the other side. As Kaori is preparing to go, Ben arrives with the test results, informing them that Hess apparnantly did not get sick after all, her immune system fighting it off, being a combination of Weapon/Dragoon perhaps. Ben tells Myria to draw some blood before he releases Hess, in the hopes her blood might hold the key to the virus.

Location: PAX
Kaori arrives, proclaiming herself as the so called Chosen One, and each of the kids makes a comment. Ruhi thinking she would be taller, Seniga thinking she would have swords, and LJ begins to state that he thought she would have bigger breasts, which gets him decked. As they begin to go, Godiva shows up and begs Tenebrae not to go, fearing that if she does, something terrible will happen to her. However, Tenebrae presses on, going to find Vyvy for Godiva. Ruhi inqueries about her family, and Erevis shows her a teenage Bigsby before he has crossed over, and promises to one day shove him into a reality gate so that his adventures over there can become fact.

Location: Crystal Pathways
Cherry opens the gateway into the pathways in L.A, where they observe the transport bus driving by with Dias. As they prepare to go in, Hess catches up to travel with Kaori, landing on Selena breast first. It seems, as they step in, they find Selena and Bella waiting for them on crystal blocks in the hub with the Holo Terminal that Kaori needs to activate. It seems, those who know her, the Holoterminal is based on Airym pre-boobs. While Tenebrae hugs and cries on Selena, Hess and Kaori greet each other affectionately, Hess apparantly not wanting Kaori to do this alone. While Selena comforts Tenebrae, Kaori begins to log into the network. It tells the team about what happened 20 years ago and the two people trying to grab the core systems, Tora and the mystery person, and how this unit based on Airym could only hold onto a small part of the system. It sent Kaori, based on Miyuki Nue's data, to be an observer (later to be revealed not to be entirely true, Kaori is based on a true daughter from a previous turn, that data is from the previous Kaori. That is why Kaori is Kaori and not a computer program)

The others seem upset when they learn the program will throw in with the side they think it should based off what it learns from Kaori, since it is weak and does not have a lot of power anymore. Hoping it can influence the outcome of the coming battle. However, since Kaori seems to want to help the children, it does give them information on where the majority of the children's parents are at - a prison island. As she prepars to warp the children, the program does state she will stand with Kaori if she can learn of a third solution, however. As the program makes new weapons and gateways for the children to go home, and one for Hess/Kaori, they are interrupted by Ariel who shows up, proclaiming she will destroy the computer so it cannot help anyone. The team goes on the offensive, battling Ariel immediately. LJ, Tenebrae, Ruhi, KAori and the others overpower Ariel, especially with the help of the shard gun and send Ariel flying to the edge of the hole, hanging over the abyss. LJ's attack, having weaked Ariel, allows Tenebrae to grab ahold of Ariel despite her trying to maul and kill the team. Cherry, despite Tenebrae's attempt to save Ariel, kicks her into the abyss, hoping to be done with her murderous sister.

As the others prepare to go, Kaori has a crisis of self. Despite the avatar's assurance that she grew up as an actual baby, it seems Kaori's faith has been shaken. Tenebrae has Hess record a farewell message, then deparrts, leaving Hess to take Kaori and tell her that she loves her, and that their experience are not pre-destined. And with that, the two share a kiss.


Timeline: 6.22.6091

Session 146: Zhen Clash

Location: Unknown
The children appear in an area of mist, on the same day they left, only it is now nighttime. The entire island feels feels heavy and their stones flicker on and off, with Salamander and Cloe making faces of pain, as it is clearly set up to drain spirits and spirital energy. Cherry explains that as a favor for Miyuki, who is on her way there, but the barrier around the island will be slowing her down her arrival time, she put their parents in the VIP section instead of the torture dungeons. The armored crystals they got from the Avatar brings their crystals back to life on a timer, cracks already appearing, so they are on a timer for the rescue. The team battles 10 of the elite Zhen warriors and bring them down, breaking into the prison.

While Cherry deals with opening the checkpoint so the continue, the team has to deal with a giant Zhen warrior that is blocking their path, having mounted vulcan cannons and other toys. They have to use all their skill and powers to destroy the cannons, the air vents and jetpack to bring him down. Cheryl leads them to the hidden floor for the VIP prisoners when a maid with an energy staff attacks them, calling Cherry - saying she is wanted for questioning. The maid grabs Cherie and threatens her with a broke neck when Jinx damages her, then the team ovewhelms her and frees her. After the battle, they reach their parents, Cherry produces the keys and the kids reunite with the parents in an emotional reunion.

Afterward, Miyuki arrives with the barrier down and foxholes them to the Mainland A capital. There the kids and parents finally have what they have been waiting for - time to spend together without fighting. But meanwhile, the copy Shion stands over Maeryn's body that she smashed a moment ago. She allows them to heal her while she debates what to do with them and while there they learn about something called "The Network" there they need to learn about. Maeryn meanwhile plans to have a long talk with this Shion once more.


Timeline: Late 6011. Only 4 years for most of the crew

Session 147: The Aquarius' Destiny

Location: Crotek Empire, Treasurey Planet
Captured, the team uses the time to go through the databases on the planet. Shion explains what The Network seems to be - the C'en coming through and replacing/killing the Spirits that lived on them, then putting C'en power sources on the taken over planets, then allowing the planets to self-govern as they move on, leaving a few C'en behind to monitor and help the transition process. Shion points out that the large crystal tower is a data tower and likely has their answers, while Erica and Maeryn state that if the other Shion has hurt the others in their crew, Erica will see to it that they will have a world of pain waiting for them. At that moments, the door opens and the other Shion steps in casually, having been listening in on their conversation. The other Shion tells them they are free to go, unless they want to start something, indicating Maeryn, and lets the rest of their crew enter, telling them to take the data she offered and depart, mumbling she isn't sure what her father sees in them. Yuki, protectively holding her stomach, is led out by Erica.

Upon leaving, Erica has Kaylin take Yuki back to the ship while Simon gives his report, then a few of them return to the ship while Shion and Erica head for the spire to hopefully find The Network. During this, a tiny fox inflitrates the ship and begins to sneak around it looking for something. After a bit Airym and Yuki detect something in Shion's room so they send Cookie down to investigate, finding the other Shion in fox form going through Shion's personal belongings, learning about her life, looking at Miyuki and Kasha and the pictures. Seen, she goes back to humanoid form, apparantly not there to fight.

Meanwhile, Erica and the others, with Shion posing as her counterpart, move through the Spire until they reach a crystal gate. Shion impusively leaps through and vanishes, with the others leaping in. They find the Crystal Pathways they kids will one day walk through many decades from now. As they begin to realize the implications of the Network, and how soldiers can be moved all over the C'en Empire without need of ships, a voice speaks up stating it has one drawback. Turning around, they find a man in a suit - a copy version of Wind. Wind explains to them the history of Centerpoint, Progenitors and Dark Ones, and it's destructions, and that this is it's partial remains being used. After giving them some information, he tells them if they run into a blue man, copy like him, he will be willing to help, since some of the copies do not want to see their side destroyed. Leading them to the Homeworld Gate, Wind pauses stating he feels his wife nearby, learning it is the copy Miyuki, to their shock. Giving them a stone, he tells them to head on through.

Entering the Homeworld Gate, the team finds a barren world with dark skies full of dust. Shion wonders how everything is working when Centerpoint was destroyed 20 years ago yet things seem to be moving hundreds of years but Erica correctly guesses time moves differently. The team agrees to go back and grab the others before heading back here. Back at the Aquarius, the other Shion explains she doesn't have as many memories and wanted to learn more, only having a few years worth of memories (It is never fully explained why the copies only have a few years worth of memories I think but it was due to how long they were born with Centerpoint memories. Though in truth they are not copies, their true memories are currently sealed except a few of them) Shion promises Gor she will get him back home since Gor is becoming useless on the ship since Kitty left.

The other Shion explains the plan Wind came up with. Using a time gate and enlarging it large enough for a ship, so they can go back in time to talk to their past selves, to warn them about the crucial moment in the past. The group prepares to jump to the Homeworld where Erica and the others are at, despite it taking a many more decades.

30 years later
Using the stasis rock, Ellie, Sylph, Erica and the others seem to be alive and well, without aging and remembering much of the past few decades on the C'en Homeworld. The Aquarius lowering brings them out of stasis and they are reunited with the others after so long, though for many of them it seems like only a few hours. Yuki and Erica embrance and Mireille lays around, still looking like a kid but now older. Now that the team is together, they have an important mission. They must get a ship sized time gate and get back to Kumen and Geyze.


Timeline: 4.1.6061

Session 148: A Spark of Hope

Location: C'en Homeworld
Yuki armors up and prepares to grab the largest time gate she can find, while Erica recovers in their bedroom, recovering from a light virus she picked up while on the planet. The planet is covered in large crystal structures, with ten large pillars and around those pillars are various sized gates, with the team there to grab one that will suit their needs. Despite the counter Shion's warning that they should be left alone by the structure or patrols until they actually mess with it, Kasha taps on it, causing it to glow, then it reaches, causing the structure to reach out and grab her. The team works to free her, turning the structure red, meaning it definitely knows they are there now. Shion tosses her datapad down to get planetary readings that, hidden by Kasha, while the copy Shion and Gor run back into the ship search the Network for intormation.

Shion and Yuki, along with the others, power up the Aquarius and avoid larger tendrils that try to grab and hold them there from escaping the planet. Selecting the time gate they want, they prepare to take it and fly back home, which will take 30 years. During this, Kasha drops a few shards of the crystal they broke, stating it looks pretty pure and might be useful.

Location: 6.24.6091 - 30 years later - The C'en Base
Back at the Mainland A, the children and parents are busy living and getting along still, catching up, when they detect that a ship has entered the planet's atmosphere and been labeled an enemy ship by the C'en comptuers, with the C'en likely to go after it. A team is put together to investigate it quickly made up of both the kids and adults. As they arrive at the Aquarius, they see Copy Wind and Copy Shion talking, and the ice is broken when Tenebrae runs down to greet them. Now that all the teams are reunited and the copies are together, they prepare to renact their plan to head back into the past to change the timeline so this alternate future never comes to past.


Timeline: 6041 - 50 years ago - 6091 - present day

Session 149: The Parents' Story

Following what happens to all the children's parents after the C'en finish remaking the Kumen up to how they were captured and imprisoned by Cherry, this session covers the events leading up to the children's birth and that fateful day Elite Cherry brought them all to prison, was swayed by Miyuki to spare them, and how the children were seperated one by one. No true summary since this is mostly a flashback. Read the logs if you are curious.


Kids Arc Conclusion
Sessions 48 - 51 and Duality Session 150