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The Alien Wars 6: Fall of Eden

Part III: Corruption

Arc One: Everything is Wrong

Chapter 1: A Spark of Hope

Chapter 2: The Ruler Convention

Arc Two: Crystal Future

Chapter 1: The Past is Writ

Chapter 2: Return to Crystal Kumen

Chapter 3: Future Imperfect

Part IV: Duality

Final Arc: Unite or Fight

Chapter 1: Hidden Mysteries

Chapter 2: Decisions

Chapter 3: The End

The Alien Wars 6: Da Capo

Timeline: 5.15.5992

Session 193: Tamae Together

Location: The Academy, Geyze
As the Academy and Unit 6 is still reeling from the unexpected attack from the Tamaes, construction crews have begun the process of clearing debris and repairing the buildings; inside some they have discovered bombs. Deciding to get the assistance of the Aquarius and leave the tech to them, Unit 6 is dispatched to the Naturalist Kingdom where the Tamae forces have retreated to with their acquired students.

When they arrive, they discover that the Tamae is using some sort of hypnotism on the students that can also affect the Spirits that have come with them. Plugging their ears allows them all to act without influence, and getting a number of the Spirits together to use their abilities, they stage a multi-pronged attack. Targeting the devices that are affecting the Spirits, the mechanical units and the hypnotizing devices. The attack goes off without a hitch thankfully, the remaining Tamae members are gathered up, the students freed and none of the Unit injured.

Returning home they find Neekito dropkicking the bombs away from the Academy after encompassing them in spirit energy; her game being directed by Erika and Airym on the Aquarius.


Timeline: 5.30.5992

Session 194: Decisions

Location: The Academy
A nice spring/summerish day has come, and with it Ellie and Sylph's wedding day; the reconstruction of the damaged buildings on the Academy have been paused as Gnome and the sprites work with the other spirits to decorate the grounds with various flowers, wind chimes, and banners, as well as food tables for the guests. Kito helps Ellie with her wedding dress, complimenting the beautiful bride while outside Liana and Gwen have an eating contest - though Gwen loses to the pregnant woman. Shinobu and Rada join the festives, with Shinobu sitting in a revealing black seat, and Rada sampling the food; Mykel and his other two wives meanwhile enjoy the banter and company, moving to get into their clothing for the occassion. Vyvy herself, finding Gnome who often alludes her, plays with Gnome and talks to her until she spots Celsius and Shiva, who have not been around the academy much the past 7 and half months, helping Liana with her pregnancy.

Most of this is interrupted up when everyone notices a new male spirit, Void, among the wedding event, studying it, and even Aska and Shade seem confused at his presence. When they learn that he is there to judge a wedding between a spirit and human, stating nothing more, it perks the curiousity of many there, with Sasha, Delgi, and Rain hurrying to join the wedding right as the music starts up by Kito, who has hurried out to signal to everyone that it is about to begin. As Rada chats with the others, stating he has a gift for Sylph, Gwen begins to lead Ellie down the asile, even though her parents are attending - which is a miracle in itself. Both of them watching their little girl with mixed emotions, though it seems proud. Sylph and Ellie exchange vows to each other, with Shade marrying them, and Ellie vows to stay loyal to Sylph beyond death, forever and ever, as Kito hands Ellie and Sylph their rings.

Shinobu and Chronos seem somewhat interested in the marriage ceremony, with Celes teasing Sasha with when she plans to take that big step. As the party begins, Selena prounces she wants to get married, to her parents chargin, and Talia leaps on her too like she does Gwen. Ellie and her parents talk and they both congratulate their little girl, wishing her the best, and when Void steps away to go, having judged whatever it is he is there to judge, many of the spirits cut him off.

They start to talk to him, leading to many others to step in to see what is up. Rada, Simon, Mykel, Vyvy, and Alita question Void on why he is there, learning he is a staunch tradtionalist, unsure what he thinks about spirits marrying humans and having half-breed kids since that might unbalance things, but so far sees nothing wrong; or dismissing trials and just lending their powers without testing a Summoner first to see if they are worthy. Apparantly Void has been gone the past 3 years fighting a void dragon to protect the world, but if they want his power, they can come see him now to take his trials.

Gathering the 3 teams before Sylph and Ellie leave for their honeymoon, Rain brings out the shards, stating the teams need to go over what they have learned so far. Rain goes back over the colors, and what each color means: Blue - Spirits and their powers post causality, Red is fully using casuality, Black is the supernatural or otherworldly powers. She also lets them know they are down to 94 shards now on their side after some were stolen by Destiny's forces after 15% were taken and that each shard is used to power up an ability, it is made inert. And their compass lets them know the other side has 70, so assuming the stolen ones are moved to the other side, that number goes up to 88. Meaning they really only have a few shards they can use to power up people now.

Rain then brings up the final point, the book Simon found and the ways to defeat Destiny. One way is to balance the shards, unlock their powers, and allow Destiny to unleash the Yggdrasil, and to do all of them for a definite chance. Some of the team point out that it seems like the book is working against them, while others point out Yggdrasil does mean the tree of life in lore. The team agrees the only way to win is to find a way to co-exist with the other side and find out what they are doing, so Yuki volunteers Erica, Yuki, Cookie, and Vyvy to try to go to the other side and find out what is going on with them. As Sylph and Ellie head out on their honey moon, Rain sets down the prophecies to look over them one more time to see if there are clues.


Timeline: 6.14.5992

Session 195: The Prophecies

Location: The Academy
No sooner have Ellie and Sylph returned from their honeymoon than Rain calls for a meeting inside the warehouse where a number of supplies have been stored that were taken from the Tamae forces. Among the goods are weapons and armor of the highest quality which are passed out to those who don't have anything comparable. Also there are mech parts that could be used to formulate technology that can withstand the drain present on Geyze.

Afterwards, while Sasha talks with Rada about whether he will join a team, the others gather in a large area and wait for the arrival of their friends from the Aquarius and the Club on Kumen. When they gather together they begin going over the Prophecies that Celsius had revealed years before. Notating which ones they're sure have come to fruition, the ones they're pretty sure of, those that are currently coming about and the couple that are still mysteries;

"A child of the Guardian of the Spirits will unite them all or break them all."
"A woman who is one thing, but not another, will lead them to a destiny that can be fatal or wonderful judging by those who love her."
"A sibling with a twin that is of the same blood, but not the same race, will unite the people, but will not unite the family."
"A linked Aurit will build the foundation that will save the Truth."

Having discussed these and made a few notes to keep an eye to how they may unfold, the groups settle in to plan.